The City Council of Utrera responded to Ceballos


The City Council of Utrera responded to Ceballos

Israel Bascon, who within a few months became the Sports Councilor for the town of Uteruswas surprised and embarrassed by the letter published by Dani Ceballosblame the Municipality of the town, where he is part of the government team, for not congratulating him on his recent successes in Real Madrid.

“Friends and family started sending me messages. I have spoken to him personally, because I don’t want any controversy. “I told him I don’t know if he was misinformed or misinformed, but the film put together was not normal,” Isarel Bascón, in statements at the Estadio Deportivo, where he clarified that “he has nothing against Dani”, that he has been to his house countless times and that he will be his neighbor, because a house is under construction . in the town that saw each other grow up.

“Since I have been in the City Council, the athletes of Utrera have always been recognized for their national and international achievements. I have it in my mind to recognize them. We are waiting for the ‘play off’ of First RFEF, Well, Meléndez (from AD Ceuta) played it; Luis Pérez was promoted to the First Division with Valladolid; There is a Spanish youth handball champion girl…”

On purpose Israel Bascon that “they will all be honored in a joint event”, although he believes that he has respect for Ceballos: “Through mutual friends, I know that he is on vacation in Ibiza. I know, because I know the world of football, that everyone in the world calls and bothers when you win The league and the Champions League. I want to leave him a little. And, once the event is planned, let them know, in case the date doesn’t suit them, adjust it, like everyone else, or send a family member. For me, all Utrera athletes have the same importance. The film should have been made had we organized events without him. We haven’t called him yet, but we’re not calling anyone either. When I wasn’t on the City Council, I defended it publicly a thousand times, even in my own networks. How can I have a fight with him! We don’t have anything. But, if something happened, he wasn’t right. We won’t do anything special with him, but just like everyone else and when it’s his turn. Fortunately, we have many elite athletes. For example, two world champions in karate.”

Source: La Verdad


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