The Sevilla ‘signing’ that will surprise you


The Sevilla ‘signing’ that will surprise you

the new’signing‘of Sevilla is a tool of artificial intelligence (AI) developed in collaboration with multinational IBM to assist its scouts in the process of attracting new players.

The program is called ‘Scout Advisor’ and provides its team, based on data analysis, with reports on each player and a thorough analysis of potential signings taking into account the needs of the team.

This was explained in an interview with EFE by Sevilla FC’s Data Director, Elias Zamorawhich highlights the capabilities of this tool for the future of a club that “embrace the technological revolution social” and that has a great tradition related to “scouting”, that is, to recruiting athletes and making signings.

“We are able to combine numerical and categorical approximations of a description based on human knowledge and the cold, but powerful, data of classic scouting and looking for players who are good from both the point of view of competitive data and from expert opinion,” said Zamora, who participated this week in the Digital Enterprise congress in Malaga. Show .(DES), where he presented this project.

The scout’s job

The club starts from a description in natural language and identifies the players through the work of the scout, such as financial, physical, kinematic, technical and tactical data related to their interests as a team.

This implies the presence of a tool that understands and The work of the scout Zamora gives an example: “If he is a reference forward, the AI ​​understands that he is tall, strong, that he moves well with his head, supports he’s the center back, he can build secondary plays, etc., and look at which report my experts identified it I don’t have to read 200,000 of them, but just seven.”

The manager emphasizes the special capacity of the ‘Scout Advisor’ in qualitative content generated from the opinions of experts and “converting meaning into numbers”, a “key” fact of good language models which no longer follows only the “known”, but instead. let you “check” and provide a response.

Traditionally, player recruitment is based on a combination of human subjective observation and manual data analysisbut this approach has limitations, as it is time-consuming and considers only a limited number of factors.

Other AI experiences

The data expert Seville Note that the team is applying AI in other areas such as ticket sales, event management or identifying sponsoring companies.

Also noteworthy is the ‘AIFans’ project undertaken by the club with the Spanish startup DruID to “identify all fan interactions in Seville’s digital ecosystem” and thus be able “segment and hyper-individualized offers” based on your interests in advanced computational methods and access to data from more than 220,000 fans.

In creating its own tools based on artificial intelligence, Sevilla wants to be seen “as a technology company”, but as a football club that serves as a “laboratory” to develop solutions for other teams, working as a kind of “technology consulting.”

“The football club is something very complicated and it’s not just about being good at playing ball, but you have a wide range of verticals that generate economic resources,” he details.

The forecast is that the ‘Scout Advisor’ application will operate at full capacity starting this summer.

Source: La Verdad


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