Spanish canoeing slalom has announced its team for the Paris Olympic Games


Spanish canoeing slalom has announced its team for the Paris Olympic Games

The countdown continues to accelerate for Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This indicates that Spanish calls for sports continue to be announced where the final lists for the Olympic event have not yet been made official.

One of them is the sa slalom canoeing, which was guaranteed to compete with five representatives in Paris after obtaining that many places, but in which the fifth member remained defined. A few days ago, Manuel Ochoa achieved the possibility that a fifth Spanish representative could join the four paddlers previously classified after securing a place in the cross extreme kayak Pre-Olympic. It remained to be decided in the official call who will occupy that position and the RFEP decided to recognize one Ochoa as the architect of that ticket acquisition.

In this way, the Spanish team consists of two women and three men. In a feminine key, they will double the tests Maialen Chourraut (K1 and extreme) and Miren Lazkano (C1 and extreme)an option knowing that after both of them won the places in the traditional events, Maialen was able to win the internal selection for the first place in the extreme and Spain did not achieve the option to join a third athlete in the modality that during the Pre -Olympic period, a situation which means that only Lazkano can occupy that position.

In a masculine key, it is already known that they are part of the team Pau Echaniz (K1) and Miquel Travé (C1 and extreme). So, the only thing left to figure out is who lives in that second position. extremewherein Ochoaafter winning the Pre-Olympic, only pending confirmation from the RFEP to get his ticket.

Spanish canoeing slalom team at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

-Maialen Chourraut: K1 and extreme
-Miran Lazkano: C1 and extreme
-Pau Echaniz: K1
-Miquel Travé: C1 and extreme
-Manuel Ochoa: extreme

Source: La Verdad


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