Miki Oca is left with seventeen players on the pre-list for the Paris Games


Miki Oca is left with seventeen players on the pre-list for the Paris Games

The Spanish women’s water polo team It continues its preparations for the Paris Olympic Games and has completed the first stage of its preparations at the CAR in Sant Cugat. The second is a concentration at altitude in the Sierra Nevada that begins this Monday and lasts until June 28.

For him, Miki Oca offered the first casualties from the initial list of twenty one players that training began. Only seventeen traveled to Granada, with some surprises among those absent from this second phase of preparation, where it is understood that the thirteen chosen to travel to the Paris Games will appear.

It fell on him Ariadna Ruiz, a Sant Andreu player who was on the final squad list for the final World Cup in Doha. This time there will not be fifteen players in Paris, but thirteen, but the left-hander from Rubin did not travel with the team to Sierra Nevada. Another regular on the long list for major championships not yet called is the Mataró buoy defender Cristina Nogue.

Neither Marion Terre, who is the goalkeeper who does not travel in the second phase of preparation. Elia Jiménez stays with Laura Ester and Martina Terré for the next few days. It also dropped compared to the first call Alejandra Aznar.

In this way, they continue seventeen players. Among them are Miki Oca’s thirteen regulars: Laura Ester, Judith Forca, Maica García, Paula Leitón and Bea Ortiz (Astralpool Sabadell); Paula Camus, Pili Peña and Isabel Piralkova (Terrassa); Martina Terré, Paula Crespí, Nona Pérez and Elena Ruiz (Sant Andreu), and Anni Espar (Mataró). Also continuing the call are Elia Jiménez, Daniela Moreno and Paula Prats (Medietrrani), as well as Alba Muñoz (Sant Andreu).

Source: La Verdad


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