Official: F1 will have a Grand Prix in Las Vegas in 2023


Official: F1 will have a Grand Prix in Las Vegas in 2023

The owners of F1Americans from Liberty MediumThey will definitely go for the American dream. A few years ago, they took ownership of the world’s largest single-seater competition, their goal has always been to multiply audiences, reach young audiences and create a significant niche in large markets such as of their own country, the United States. . And after the ‘boom’ that means the series of F1 from netflix, ‘Drive to Survive’, who made it to United States F1 will star, finally giving names to its actors and allowing fans to have a greater connection with the pilots by learning about their history and rivalries, the next step in Freedom is to cover its best seats. Austin is already on the calendar, a circuit that used to be crowded because of its proximity MexicoAnd now he’s doing it because of the F1 craze in America. Added this year Miami. And now an open secret has become official: The F1 will have the Las Vegas Grand Prix in 2023, i.e., 3 GP in the United States next year.

“The race will take place on Saturday night in November on the famous Las Vegas Strip, passing some of the most legendary venues, hotels and casinos in the world,” said Formula 1 in a statement, ‘Great Circus’ was officially returned to the famous American city, which had already hosted two F1 Grands Prix in 1981 and 1982.

The circuit, which is 6.12 km long, will have only 14 curves and three straight, with a top speed estimated at more than 342 km/h, according to organizers. One of the straight seems to have no end. This will appear from curve 9 to 11, considering that curve 10 is at maximum speed, without removing your foot from the accelerator, as this is the curve that tracks the avenue. Las Vegas Blvd. That straight will start in front of the famous The Palazzo and Hotel Treasure Island, and arrive at one of the most popular hotels and casinos in the Las Vegasang Bellagio, just in front of its famous fountain, to allow hard braking at the junction of Harmon Avenue, apparently from the photo of the track shown by F1. That is, in total, this line could be approximately 1.4 miles, over 2 kilometers long. Pure power between casinos, hotels, lighting and maximum luxury.

The track, designed by Hermann Tilke, will be high-speed and bear the recognizable footprint of its creator, with 90-degree turns, hard braking and plenty of traction.

In order for race spectators to be the best possible around the world, the appointment is on Saturday night local time, which will allow spectators in Europe to see the appointment at the end of Sunday morning.

“This is an incredible moment for F1, showing the tremendous appeal and growth of our sport in its third race in the United States,” said F1 CEO and President Stefano Domenicali.

How many races will there be in 2022?

The announcement of Las Vegas ’arrival on the Formula 1 calendar once again opens up questions: Will there be more than 23 races in 2023 or will that number be maintained and some of the events on the current calendar will no longer host Grand Prix? Domenicali said at the beginning of this March that F1 could reach 24 appointments in 2023, although there are still some pending appointments to guarantee his future in competition for the next course.

Source: La Verdad


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