Why it was never Cucurella’s hand


Why it was never Cucurella’s hand

In Germany They screamed against the play that ended at the possible hand of Cucurella at the start of the second half of extra time of the Spain-Germany Euro Cup. Musiala’s shot clearly hit the left back of the Spanish team and Chelsea player, a blow that separated the arm from his body and also clearly affected the trajectory of the ball, which went directly to Unai Simón’s goal.

The IFAB rule is clear on this matter. It is considered handball and is penalized when: “Player covering a larger space with his arm or hand, takes a risk and, as a result, intercepts an opponent’s pass, a shot at the goal, etc. These types of situations cover the case where: The hand or arm is clearly separated and away from the body.”

At first there were no doubts about this despite the fact that Anthony Taylor’s decision was not to punish the action because the Englishman understood that this situation did not happen. On the field, the referee makes a gesture that he raises his arm or is on that path. The question is: Why doesn’t VAR correct the on-field referee’s decision or prompt the monitor to review the action? Because the main referee is categorical in his interpretation of the field and for the VOR room to act there must be a clear and obvious error regarding the interpretation of the main referee on the field.

But, in addition, the VAR analysis indicates the return of the action within the so-called APP and this will lead to an offside of Füllkrug in control before leaving the ball to Musiala for the shot. Also, let’s not forget that the Euro Cup has a semi-automatic offside.

The Germany-Denmark precedent

And with the application of this technology, in addition to the images, everything indicates that the German nine is ahead of the Spanish player. We also have the precedent of Germany-Denmark last weekend where this technology nullified Danish Andersen’s goal that put the Danish team ahead against the German team. An offside by mere millimeters.

The evaluation of the VAR and the APP will lead to the use of this technology which, according to the images, will determine that the German striker is offside before a possible penalty. Which means everything after that is immediately cancelled.

Source: La Verdad


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