Zheng won the final of the WTA tournament in Valencia and opened his record


Qinwen Zheng won the Valencia Openthe first WTA125 tournament of his record, beating his compatriot Xiyu Wang 6-4, 4-6, 6-3, after nearly three hours of playing on Sporting Club’s central clay court.

Despite Zheng’s clear favoritism, the young Pere Riba student blamed more on his countrymen when he played in the WTA final for the first time.

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Wang faced the game with more poise, very solid from behind the courtthat combined with the twitter of his rival, who made up to three double faults in his first service, allowed him to add a 3-0 start.

Zheng calmed his spirits, after scoring his first game in the final, and began to dominate by a more aggressive and above all accurate tennis, completely defeating Wang, whom he endorsed slightly 5-0 to continue. to dominate the set. and close out the first round with his service for 6-4.

The second set started again with 3-0 for Wang, although this time it was more a result of his more aggressive play than the mistakes of his rival.. History seems to repeat itself when Zheng re-neutralizes the loss, but Xiyu reacts in time. He had two set points on serve in the 5-3 he wasted, although he was able to close out the game with the rest and force a third set.

The break of service Zheng earned in the third game marked the future of a very difficult game., but where the 19-year-old tennis player training in Barcelona showed more mental strength to maintain his advantage and finish the match in the eighth game with a new ‘break’ that gave him of his first title. With a total of 160 points, he will approach the goal after the year in the ‘top-30’.

Source: La Verdad


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