Medvedev-Sinner semifinal at Wimbledon: Will it be on open television?


Medvedev-Sinner semifinal at Wimbledon: Will it be on open television?

The reigning champion, Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz, and world number 1 Jannik Sinner’s executioner, Russian Daniil Medvedev, will face off on Friday, July 12 at Wimbledon. A year later, they repeat their rivalry in the same round of the Grand Slam on grass.

The Murcian was superior then by a triple 6-3, as well as this season in the Indian Wells final (7-6, 6-1), for a global balance of 4-2 in his favor. The series opened with Medvedev’s victory in the second round of Wimbledon 2021, when the Murcian was an 18-year-old making his debut.

The Alcaraz-Sinner duel at Roland Garros can be seen on open television. The Disney Discovery group maintains broadcasts on Max and Eurosport, but is opened to the general public through the television channel DMAX.

The semi-final and final of a Spanish tennis player at Roland Garros are in the government’s catalog of events of general interest. That is why this opening, extended to the women’s finals by decision of that communication group, because it does not appear in the law if it is between foreign tennis players.

Wimbledon, however, does not have the same regard. And Movistar plans, unless there is a last-minute strategic change and the opening of an agreement with some general television, to maintain the broadcast of the tournament through Movistar Plus+, which can be contracted regardless of the telephone operator that each has , and the broadcast channels.

Wimbledon plans to open the men’s semi-final program at 1:00 pm local time, 2:00 pm The finals, women’s and men’s, on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, at 3:00 pm

Source: La Verdad


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