They announced the number of years of Hamilton’s contract with Ferrari


They announced the number of years of Hamilton’s contract with Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton He shocked the world at the beginning of the year by announcing his departure from Mercedes at the end of this year to sign for Ferrari. The red team spoke at the time of a “multi-year” contract that would begin with the pilot of Stevenage when you reach Maranello at 40 years old (his birthday is January 7), but among the many doubts, like the rumors of his millionaire salary, is the duration of his contract wearing red. And he himself declared it Team Principal of the team, Frederic Vasseur.

In an interview with the ‘Financial Times’, when he referred to Lewis’ decision to move for Ferrari because he believed it was the team where he would have the best chance of success, he revealed that the Briton planned to spend at least in three years. in the group of Maranello.

“The arrival of Lewis is an important signal because it sends a positive message to the paddock about the future of the team. He has to make a decision: ‘Where will I have the best chance to win the world championship in 2025, 2026 and 2027?’ And he said ‘Ferrari'”. With this phrase, he accidentally revealed that Lewis will drive in red for at least three of those seasons, which could be more if he decides to renew in 2027 he is 42 years old, like Fernando Alonso now .

Of course, possible clauses in the agreement that could facilitate early exit of the pilot or facilitate renewal based on results or goals are unknown.

Important signing to attract more talent

Besides, Vasseur made it clear that apart from sports and all the good it can bring hamilton hoping to win again, he ensured that the arrival of the 7-time F1 king would serve to attract more quality personnel. “We have good people at Ferrari, but I want to strengthen the team”said Vasseur at an important moment, where Ferrari and Aston Martin They fought to convince the best engineer in F1, Adrian Neweyto lead one of those projects.

Source: La Verdad


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