Significant achievement for Guerreiro and EF Education at the Mont Ventoux giant


In the full development of Tour of Switzerland and at the door of Tour of Slovenia and the Route of Occitaniethis Tuesday the fourth edition of Mont Ventoux Dénivéle Challengeproves that it has a brilliant registration of riders at a time when the permanence of cycling formations in the elite is less clear, because we remember that this year there will be promotions and reductions.

First the women’s event was controversial, which was a victory for the Italian Martha Cavalli in the first women’s edition, and later the men’s edition was held, over a 153 -kilometer route, between Vaison-la-Romainey the lunar Mont-Ventoix, 24.5 km uphill with a slope of 7.9%.

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One day it was very hot -even saw the running of Movistar share ice between them – which for many kilometers was ordered by four brave men –Kotetzky, Jousseaune, Calmejane, and Riabushenko-. The telephone formation assumed a good part of the hunt for the escapees, who, seeing that they would be swallowed up by the peloton, began to attack each other 18 kilometers from the finish line, in the previous step in real attacks.

Ultimately, the team EF Education is the one to take a step forward with two important runners as Esteban Chaves and Ruben Guerreiror, ultimately, the latter will show more strength and lead alone, maintaining a fierce fight with his immediate pursuer, to achieve the first victory in two years, since the latter is during the ninth stage of 2020 Tour of Italy.

Highlight the sixth square of the El Ejido corridor Cristian Rodriguez (Total Energy)in front of Carlos Verona (Movistar).

Source: La Verdad


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