The Government said the charge against Real fans was adjusted to the law


The National Police’s allegation against Real Sociedad fans, on May 15, shortly before the match between Villarreal and the Basque team, was “adjusted to legal and regulatory requirements”, according to the Government in a response to parliamentarian on a question asked by EH Bildu.

The police action was condemned by Real Sociedad itself in a statement on May 20, after meeting with fan group Bultzada Txuri Urdin, who denounced being “attacked” by the National Police around the Ceramics Stadium, resulting in several damage. .

The presentation was collected and broadcast on social networks in several videos where a group of realistic followers can be seen lying on the ground as they are beaten with batons by National Police Corps agents.

A situation where EH Bildu deputy in Congress Jon Inarritu developed a parliamentary question in which he sought explanations to the Government in the face of this “attack” that “resulted in some Real fans in the hospital, which with polytrauma, open head wounds and even a broken arm. “

“progressive” use of force

The response sent today by the Government, to which EFE had access, explains that the police action occurred “before serious danger to the citizen” and in “the prevention of personal and material harm.”

Context in which the Police are “compelled to intervene to restore the security of the citizen, conduct intervention in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements”, making “progressive use of force and means of its disposal”.

“The deployment carried out in the area -the Executive argued in its response-, was carried out to keep the rival recreation separate to avoid any friction and the day could pass normally”.

The text specifies that, within the area of ​​the sporting event’s influence, the royalist “fans” “began to sing offensive songs inciting hatred and violence”, accompanied by “launching flares, smoke canisters” and things towards far -sighted agents. “

“In the area where the events took place -continuation of the letter-, there were a large number of families from the town of Villarreal, along with a large number of children, playing on a playground, as it was a holiday in the locality . “.

Willingness to “cause harm”

“It should be noted – the Government’s response continues – that a group of violent radicals, far from cooperating with the police forces or showing a peaceful attitude, proved in their actions the will to cause harm and injury. , which changes public security “.

As a result of this incident, the National Police Corps arrested five people accused of crimes of public disorder, assault on a law enforcement officer, resistance and disobedience.

Also, police officers processed “ten proposals for penalties” for violations of the law against violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sports ”and another proposition for violating regulations for protection of citizen security.EPFE

Source: La Verdad


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