Oriol Romeo: "In Southampton I feel I am greatly appreciated"


Oriol Romeu (30 years old) had a good time. It’s been a few years since he joined Southampton in 2015. “I’m very happy,” he explains in an interview with MD. Fixed and unmistakable, his leadership in the dressing room extends to the field. he wants premier league, “with the perfect climate to train” and because it has “different cultures and mindsets”. “I’m very well adapted, I feel like I’m at home and I enjoy football”. There were 245 games, including 33 for Chelsea. This was his best moment. “Physically yes. I endure battles of very high intensity ”. And that his ankle was broken which caused him to pass through the operating room. “It took well.”

Ang Southampton is your “dream” team. “Because of the years that I have been here, because of how they have treated me. I feel happy, loved, appreciated and more respected, where I have performed at my best level. ”It will end in 2023. The renewal depends on how everything is, but“ for now I want to continue ”. He’s a pillar, the captain. ”I’m motivated to contribute my experience to the youth.” The Southampton is in the middle of the table with the goal of “being in the top 10”.

He comes from scoring a great goal against Norwich, “I don’t score much so it’s one of the ones I remember the most,” he joked. City or Liverpool champion? “The Liverpool He is the best. The city will compete to the end. “For Chelsea, there are problems, he knows very little.” They will find a buyer who will bring them back to normal. “

He was able to return to Barça but in the end it did not happen. “The Barca This is the most ”. The English league is his thing. “I want to go back to Spain but I really want to be here, maybe within a different aspect within the club”. He wrote a book, ‘The period of my life’, does not rule out going to Japan in the future and running away from social networks: “I don’t use them”

Source: La Verdad


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