Sevilla are not closing the door on Martial


Sevilla have a big stake in the transfer of Anthony Martyl in January, but the French footballer’s performance was not what was expected after the great expectations he had raised. He had several injuries and his benefits were not as expected. Only one goal in half a season says very little about a contrasted player with a very high record for which the club have struggled to secure his loan from Manchester United.

However, Martial is comfortable at the Club and in the city and Sevilla are not taking advantage of the fact that the Frenchman is at a low point in the market to bet on his continuation.

Without saying this, but indicating it, Sevilla’s general director, José María Cruz, made some links between Sevilla and Martial into a public intervention.

“When he was starting to adapt to the coach, to his system, he suffered some injuries. He couldn’t have the continuity he needed. He was very excited and he thought it was a good opportunity for him. Injuries has been a problem. for Martial ”, Cruz indicated.

Sevilla executives insisted martial He has everything to succeed in Sevilla: “I think he enjoyed playing with us. I thought Anthony Martial discovered that Sevilla would be a good club to have a new opportunity ”, he added, leaving the option of his continuation.

“Some players can immediately adapt to the new team. We have experiences with players that we brought to the winter market. For example, Ivan Rakitic, Gary Medel and Stevan Jovetic, who we borrowed, quickly adapted. Others players need more time. I remember Dani Alves, who was a great player. He needed a season and a half to be competitive. “

Source: La Verdad


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