Bagnaia signed pole position on a beautiful Saturday at the Sachsenring


The tenth pillar of the year has been allotted Pecco Bagnaia after signing his good weekend at the Sachsenring in qualifying where he never stopped breaking records for best lap, ‘stealing’ them from absent Marc Márquez. If in the morning in FP3 he set the fastest lap given with 1’19 ”765, in the afternoon he took his ninth pole in MotoGP with a new record in this chapter, 1’19” 931. And in the intermission to FP4, the session in which they were working for the race, he was second, surpassed only by the favorite, Fabio Quartararo, who also did no harm in the attack of time, stood in Ducati and came second. on the grill.

This year’s Michelin hard tire is the average tire from last year, the same used in racing, and this year’s soft tire is softer, pure chewing gum that sticks to asphalt at these temperatures around 45- 50ºc. That explains why, suddenly, a record broken in 2019 by Sachsenring king Marc Márquez was destroyed by the new first class of the current German GP’s combined free practice.

Study Marc Márquez’s data

Pecco Bagnaia also has a plus with regards to his professionalism. He has never been a rider with a special gift like so many other motorcycle stars touched by that magic wand. He is an industrious, a serious worker who has spent the past few days looking at the statistic sheets and videos of Marc Márquez, the king of the Sachsenring on his consecutive victories in three categories between 2010 and 2021. And since no he would have access to Honda data that would have been carefully analyzed as well. Trying to copy the best says a lot about your professional acumen and your desire to thrive.

Once they open the pitlane, they are all in the end attentive to getting off the track, a two-stop tactic that doesn’t make sense even if many pull weakly in free practice-they have a maximum of six rear for whole weekend – and it depends on the stock they have left and in the end, they all opt for a stop.

The first provisional pole was already taken by Aleix Espargaró with a 1’20 ”413, but Pecco Bagnaia has yet to complete his lap, having already made his intentions in his first 1’20” 098, pole record and is now for the record completely this morning he left 1’19 “765 with less heat. Bagnaia, Miller and Martín took over the front row for Ducati right from the start with Aleix fourth and Quartararo which is sixth on that first wheel.

With the second wheel Bagnaia dropped to 1’20 ”064 chaining another lap at 1’19” 931, his record achieved in the morning FP3 was still resisting, but first under 1’20 ”this afternoon. Aleix Espargaró rose to second place with his 1’20 “120”, along with Di Giannantonio, provisionally third. Quartararo’s reaction took him to second place with his 1’20 “093, which was answered by his compatriot. Zarco in his 1’20 ”030, last year’s poleman, but the champion insisted that in his 1’20” 007 he had regained second place and would start between Bagnaia’s Ducati and Zarco.

Aleix Espargaró is no longer able to improve his time and will start fourth with two other Ducati by his side, Diggia and Miller. From the third row Mariniy Martín with Maverick Viñales and from the fourth Nakagami, Bezzecchi and Joan Mir.

Two more Ducati passes from Q1

By Q1, two of the three Ducati losers, Di Giannantonio and Bezzecchi, entered the battle for pole position. Pol Espargaró is left with four thousand, starting on the 13th, and this Saturday is suffering an injury to his left rib due to his second consecutive fall on Friday. Alex Márquez will start on 16th, Enea Bastianini 17th, the only Ducati not to go in Q2 and in this GP the third classified at the World Championship is missing in action. Raúl Fernández will start on the 22nd.

Rins confirmed his withdrawal before FP4

The one who didn’t show up for the afternoon sessions after finishing 17th in the combined three free sessions was Alex Rins, who called for pain in his left wrist (he had a pyramidal fracture, couldn’t be operated on because it wasn’t. Displaced) to reflect and prepare for the next appointment in Assen as recommended by the team.

“The problem is the pain I feel on top of the bike. In this circuit with so many left corners and with three hard brakes, the truth is I’m suffering. I can do a quick lap, or not too fast, because I left in Q2, but we have improved our time since last year of the tenth, even if it be like this. We will try to come back stronger in Assen “, he told DAZN from his team’s tetoya.

Source: La Verdad


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