"On the 18th hole maybe I was pretty smart"


Jon Rahm He was a one-shot leader on the third day of the US Open after signing three birdies on four holes. He may be the only one to stand on the final day this Sunday with three laps under par. But not. A painful double bogey finish stopped him after playing a good survival lap, swimming and putting off his clothes.

In the mixed zone and with special envoys of the Spanish media, Rahm admitted he made a bad decision in the fairway bunker on the 18th hole. “It was a good round of golf. The conditions were very difficult, the wind was a bit stronger than the previous days and in a different direction. The course was a bit more stable. It was a recipe for difficulty. I played well. I think I have a lot of people thinking only about 18. The truth is I made six good shots at 18 Unfortunately they added six, but they were all great shots, ”Jon began his review.

“Honestly, it was a bit dark and hard to see. After I corrected the shot, I realized that the ball was a bit deeper in the sand than I could see. But I think maybe I tried to blow it up. Too perfect. I had a 9- iron in my hand. That’s enough to get me to the bench. Maybe I’m trying to be too nice, looking for another birdie. This is what it is. I think I’ve been too smart with the shot. ” Basque.

“In any case, maybe the decision in the fairway bunker was bad, but the swings were good, so the execution was adequate. I’m happy in that sense,” he closed on the double bogey-6.

Rahm also explained what was on his mind for the last day. “The plan for Sunday is the same. I just have to play my game. That’s all. I can’t control what those in front of me or behind me are doing. I just have to focus on myself and my game and play my golf , shot by shot.Trying to commit a maximum per shot, and that’s that.The moment you pay attention to what other people are doing at the US Open is when you start making bogeys and double bogeys in a row.There is nothing special. Nothing that needs to change. Just make decisions and execute. I know I’m going to have to play well and probably play under par. That’s my job. I have 18 holes and I’m only one shot away. That’s what’s important. “

Source: La Verdad


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