Nadal – Wawrinka, live | Hurlingham tennis exhibition, live


5-1 | He left right for
Rafe when he began to climb the net. 30-30

5-1 | Ace of
Nadal! The second! 30-15

5-1 | He is now left on the right
Nadal. 15-15

5-1 | good smash of
Rafe and the defense of
wow to go outside. 15-0

HURLINGHAM EXHIBITION 2022 | First set | 5-1 | Game for Rafa Nadal! Double break above the Balearic Islands!

4-1 | What a return
Wawrinka! Helvetian hoot, encouraged! 15-40

4-1 | nice to play
Nadal! Winning forehand leaving the line. Nothing to do
Si Stan… 0-40

4-1 | Another mistake in the opposite of
Si Stan. 0-30

4-1 | The Swiss could not cope with the rally and ended up crashing into the net. many problems for
Wawrinka in the long rally. 0-15

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HURLINGHAM EXHIBITION 2022 | First set | 4-1 | Game for Rafa Nadal!

3-1 | Double sin now! The second is played
Nadal seeing that he has a sufficient advantage. 40-15

3-1 | Ace of
Nadal! The first is from Manacorí, who is very solid in service! 40-0

3-1 | It’s long to the right of ‘
wow‘. 30-0

3-1 | First network upload
Nadal and first score using volley. 15-0

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HURLINGHAM EXHIBITION 2022 | First set | 3-1 | Game for Stan Wawrinka!

3-0 | Ace of
Wawrinka! 40-15

3-0 | Take a break from the Spanish network. 30-15

3-0 | You have a hard time defending yourself
Stanislas when
Rafe speed up. Another ball in the hall! 15-15

3-0 | I tried passing
Rafe but it remained on the net. 15-0

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HURLINGHAM EXHIBITION 2022 | First set | 3-0 | Game for Rafa Nadal! First break of the battle!

2-0 | Swiss cane! 40-0

2-0 | excellent service of
Rafe and relax in the Swiss hall. Very short points, typical of grass. 30-0

2-0 | attacked properly
Nadal the opposite of
Si Stan and he was able to fail. 15-0

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HURLINGHAM EXHIBITION 2022 | First set | 2-0 | Game for Rafa Nadal! First break of the battle!

1-0 | double lack of
Wawrinka. Break the ball! 30-40

1-0 | Hurry up
Rafe with the opposite and the Swiss defense went down the corridor. 30-30

1-0 | Take a break from the network
Nadal. 30-15

1-0 | Massive recession
Rafe! just look at him
Si Stan… 15-15

1-0 | Manacorí’s backhand remains in the net today. 15-0

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HURLINGHAM EXHIBITION 2022 | First set | 1-0 | Game for Rafa Nadal!

0-0 | Another ball remaining in the net for Helvetian, who started erratically. 40-0

0-0 | Take a break from the network
Wawrinka. 30-0

0-0 | first point for
Nadal after an easy return from Switzerland. 15-0


🎾 Serve Rafa Nadal!

15:35Both tennis players are already on the court, the draw has been made and now they will rally a bit before it starts.

everything is ready
Hurlingham for the game to begin!

15:30FACE TO FACE | Nadal Y
Wawrinka They have met countless times but since the Swiss began his trial with injuries they have hardly met. The last time was in October 2019, at
Parisand ended in victory for the Spaniards, with head to head favor.

In fact, for the last time that ‘
Rafe it certainly is
Paris Bercy in 2015 and for a 6-7 double.

15:25DEBUT ON GRASS | The Spanish
Rafael Nadalwas presented in this battle as the new winner of
Roland Garros. However, on the lawn it was his first game of the season and he came only after announcing that he was well from injury and he would join the

This will be Manacorí’s first match on the grass since 2019 in which he lost
Wimbledon 3-1 against
Roger Federer.

15:20TIME AND WHERE TO FIND IT | The match of
Hurlingham Come in
Rafael Nadal Y
Stanislas Wawrinka It will start around 3:30 pm, see it via the event website, and follow the live broadcast on
World of sports

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15:15HURLINGHAM EXHIBITION 2022 | NADAL – WAWRINKA, LIVE | Hello friends and friends of
world game!

Today we have an exhibition match ahead of us on the grass
Hurlingham. They will face the manacorí
Nadal and the swiss
Stanislas Wawrinkain a duel that has seen better weather, no doubt, but that always promises good tennis.

Great battle we have ahead between the two legends! Do not let it pass!

Source: La Verdad


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