Jimbee is interested in the future of Ricardinho, the best player in the world


The team from Cartagena confirms that there are conversations with the Portuguese, who reveal the interest in melon on their social networks

The best futsal player in the world, Ricardinho, is in Jimbee Cartagena’s lane. Total solvency sources consulted by LA VERDAD confirm that talks with the Portuguese have been going on for quite some time, without culminating (for the time being at least) in any negotiation or formal offer to wear him the melon shirt next season. Ricardinho, 36, has just signed for an Indonesian team but is said to be free to join the Spanish league.

The player himself revealed Jimbee’s interest during a live chat on his Instagram profile. “There are many rumors about my return to Spain,” he said, before making it clear that “no one from Jaen” has spoken to him. The Portuguese, voted the best player in the world six times, sought new challenges abroad after winning every possible title with Movistar Inter. He has just completed a two-year stage at ACCS Paris to go to Indonesia for a few months.

“I would only return to Spain for a very, very good project, with a good structure, the ability to be champions and not for a one or two year project. Everything about my return to Spain is a lie,” said Ricardinho. The Portuguese did specify that “the only two teams interested, if they saw the opportunity, were Valdepeñas and . goods.” [Jimbee] Carthagena”. The first indirectly, by calling their representative. And the meloneros talking directly to the player.

In the Jimbee, they confirm that these conversations have been around for a long time, but that “there is nothing else,” at least for now. They acknowledged it would be a bomb socially, but economically Ricardinho has a salary within the reach of very few clubs.

Source: La Verdad


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