Mexican internationals applauded the arrival of Jenni Hermoso


midfielder Kassandra Monteroconcentrated on the Mexican team, said on Friday that the signing of the Spaniards Jennifer is beautiful along with Tuzas del Pachuca will enhance the level of Mexico’s women’s soccer league.

“It’s good and it’s here. The Mexican Women’s League has grown by leaps and bounds, that’s noticed. It’s good for the competition to continue to thrive,” she said. Huntsmanplayers of Chivas del Guadalajara, League champions.

Even Huntsmanpart of the Mexican payroll that will challenge Peru this Saturday, was delighted as the top scorer in FC Barcelona history reached the championship, warning that the signing of foreigners should not diminish the support given to the lower categories of teams. .

“It’s important that foreigners come with a different process than Mexico, but we also shouldn’t leave our women, the quarry. Clubs shouldn’t put aside the next soccer players to make it to the national team,” he added. . Huntsman28 years old, and in the local League since 2019.

The Mexican Women’s League allows foreign players from the 2021-2022 season where teams can have up to two per club, for this new campaign, 2022-2023, quotas have been increased to four almost six years after its establishment.

Jenny He is a player of great quality, with a long history and I believe that players like him will strengthen at the level and at other clubs both at the administrative level and to seek signatures in his category ”, commented niya Alexia Delgadohandout from Arizona State University in the United States.

The midfielder stated that his compatriots should raise their level so as not to be relegated by foreign players in the League, including the Costa Rican Valeria Del Campofrom Rayadas del Monterrey.

“At the level of players, this should be a sign of increasing speed in terms of level, professionalism. The League is growing significantly, with the signing of Handsome It shows, but we must commit ourselves as players to work to grow it even more, ”he added. Thin.

Huntsman Y Thin They are set in Mexico to face Peru this Saturday and Tuesday in Tri’s last two friendly matches before facing the Concacaf W Championship starting on July 4, a tournament that shares four spots in the 2023 World Cup.

Source: La Verdad


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