Luzu, ready for Year 2 Soiree: "The mental aspect will be key"


Badalona Olympic Pavilion. June 25, 7:00 pm At exactly that moment only Year 2 Soireean event sponsored by Ibai Llanos and that brings together ten main characters who dress (in a day) as boxers. Spursito, Carola, Arigameplays, Paracetamor, Momo, Viruzz, Luzu, Lolito, Bustamante and Jagger. They will all enter the ring under the gaze of more than 14,000 people, not forgetting the millions who will do so via Twitch.

I have in mind for Tonight this Saturday, June 25, Luzu attended Mundo Deportivo to tell us how he prepared these months physically and mentally. A real challenge that even decided him to move to Barcelona.

Q. How do you feel against Lolito?

A. Well, very well. Physically I feel very good. We were thrilled after four months of preparation. The truth is everyone asks us if we are nervous and the truth is that We look forward to the night.

P. Months of much preparation

R. Very hard but I enjoyed them. It’s one of those weird situations you experience but at the same time you’re exceeding your limits. My wife and our son moved here to Barcelona, ​​and it was a huge change. It was one of those stages of life that I will never forget.

Q. Are you comfortable in Barcelona?

R. We had fun. This is a city that has been great to us. We often go out in the park with our son, along with Oli. There are a lot of people on the street and they make you happy. When we return to Los Angeles we will remember many things.

Q. Do you plan to extend your stay in Barcelona?

R. Yes, a little more. After the match, without training, we will take the opportunity to visit some things, friends and family. In about a month we will be back in Los Angeles.

Q. In any of your live shows you commented on the subject of injuries

R. No concrete. They are the typical things that everyone goes through when they start devoting themselves to boxing. Injuries to the wrist, fingers … in places that last a week but I’m sure all of us who participated in the night have been through that. I’m 36 years old as well and I’m no longer an 18 year old man, but still, I’m very happy. I absorbed it all a lot and I enjoyed it a lot.

Q. And your family, how do you see that you’re riding in a ring?

R. I don’t think they were surprised at all. How we dedicate ourselves to doing strange things, pioneering things with streams. Anything is expected of me. But it will be something beautiful because it will be stories that I can tell my child. This whole experience was very positive.

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Q. What do you think will be the key to the battle. Maybe the breath?

A. Yes. I think, in boxing there are a few that are very important. Dose oxygen, have a clear mind … it’s a more technical and mental sport than people think. And in the months of preparation you learned it. The mental aspect will play a very important role. Because we’re going to fight events that obviously we haven’t fought before, that are in front of such an audience. That’s why I think the mental aspect will undoubtedly be key.

Q. And, how do you see Lolito?

R. Well, the truth is I don’t know why Lolito is very strict in her training. But I congratulated him when I saw him for his physical transformation he made. I could see that he was happy with everything that happened outside of the fight.

P. Lolito published an image that gave a lot of talk. Specifically, one in which he came out with a bloody face. Is this a message addressed to you?

A. No. He has a sense of humor. Again, for everyone who dedicated themselves to the Night, it was ‘another day at the office’, as Sandor Martín says. But yes, I was glad because it was too Lolito to post that photo.

Q. Leaving a bit in the Evening, do you have any projects on hand?

R. I have asked many questions. But to tell you the truth, my sights for the Night are very high. After Saturday I will make all the plans already. But now I had nothing on my mind, now it was all Night’s concentration. When it’s over let’s celebrate and see what’s next.

Source: La Verdad


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