The ICU is stepping up medical surveillance due to the increase in Covid-19 cases


The ICU is stepping up medical surveillance due to the increase in Covid-19 cases

Three days before the start of the Tour de France, the International Cycling Union (UCI) updated and strengthened the rules for organizing road cycling competitions in the context of the coronavirus pandemic based on the increase in cases that have occurred recently. in their careers.

The health protocol produced by a group led by Professor Xavier Bigard and comprised of representatives of riders, teams, team doctors and organizers, included changes affecting grand tours and that “strengthen the medical surveillance of the peloton, team. staff and officers in the face of the changing epidemiological situation characterized by the increasing number of Covid-19 positive cases reported recently ”.

The new mandatory measures are as follows:

.- Two days before the race starts, presenting at least one negative antigen test for all team members (runners and staff).

.- On rest days (except travel days), an antigen test for Covid-19 for all team members (riders and staff), as well as for Stewards (International and National), UCI Technical Delegates and anti-doping control personnel.

.- In case a case of Covid-19 within a team is confirmed by an antigen test and then by a PCR test, either by a rider or a staff member, the decision to possibly isolate the case is will do. the group physician in question, the Covid-19 event physician and the UCI medical director, based on available clinical elements.

On the other hand, the “strong” recommended measures are as follows:

For five days before the race, daily antigen testing on all team members, to verify that no one is a carrier of the virus, which is important for the constitution of the team bubble and the peloton bubble.

During the race, or if possible daily, but at least every two or three days, antigen tests for team members other than riders, commissaires, UCI technical delegates and control personnel in anti-doping.

Also, the rule that authorized the organizer to withdraw from the race any team with two or more runners was removed who tested positive on the Covid-19 PCR test within seven days.

The president of the UCI, the French David Lappartientcommented that the new measures are due to the rebound in Covid cases that have occurred in recent weeks.

“Although the situation we are currently experiencing with the pandemic is less troubling than we saw at the height of the health crisis, we must remain vigilant. In this sense, I call on all parties involved to continue to carefully respect the all the provisions.of our health protocols.This discipline and unity has enabled us to maintain our activities over the past two years and will enable us to cope in case a pandemic worsens in the future . ”

Source: La Verdad


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