1-1: Spain draw with France and the pass to the semifinals will be played against Morocco


The Spanish U-18 soccer team still has not won the Mediterranean Games in Oran (Algeria) by drawing 1-1 against France on Tuesday, and the pass to the semifinals will be played on Thursday against Morocco, where it is obligatory. to win and hope the French beat Algeria.

After beating the hosts 1-0 on the first day of the match, Spain seemed to be starting to change things when Álex Valle, in the 47th minute, made his debut on the team scorecard in the tournament via a left -footed shot in the top corner after taking advantage of a rebound.

But Pablo Amo’s team fun lasted just eight minutes, until Yvan Junior Ikia Dimi scored the equalizer with a bang from outside the area.

In the 94th minute, the referee disallowed Julen Jon Guerrero’s goal due to offside.

In another group match, Morocco, Spain’s rival on Thursday, defeated Algeria 0-2.

France, Morocco’s executioner on the first day, led the group with 4 points, one higher than Morocco and Algeria, while Spain was the latter with one. They have to beat Morocco on Thursday and hope Algeria doesn’t beat France.

Source: La Verdad


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