Antena 3 wins the season for the first time in its history


The Atresmedia chain beat Telecinco, which recorded its minimal and lost leadership per audience

The change in viewer consumption behavior is confirmed: Antena 3 won for the first time in its history the season (14% ‘share’) that started in September 2021, making it the most watched television in nine out of ten months of the season. year. television course. The Atresmedia chain consolidated the trend it started recording last summer and increased its audience by half a point, while also becoming the fastest growing. Faced with this, Telecinco is satisfied with second place in the ranking, with a viewership of 13.2% and a significant drop of up to two points compared to the same previous period, according to data from a report by Barlovento Comunicación. It is the worst ‘stock’ brand to be featured by the Mediaset channel since its inception.

Antena 3’s leadership is partly due to the station’s strength in the two main time periods that bring together the largest number of viewers for the small screen: after-dinner and prime time. At 12 noon, the Atresmedia chain will host the veterans competition ‘La roulette de la suerte’, presented by Jorge Fernández. Despite the passage of time, the program leads the way when it comes to eating every day of the week. In May, it was above the psychological threshold of 20% (21% and 1,743,000), representing the monthly record in 12 years of issuance.

It has also concluded one of its best seasons of ‘Pasapalabra’, the king of the games, which in May marked its best monthly historical record with an average of 23.7% and 2,217,000 viewers, making it the ‘golden minute’ and for his direct competitor at Telecinco with just over twelve points, ‘It’s already eight’. The news program Vicente Vallés and ‘El hormiguero’ complete the trio of formats that consolidate the first position of Antena 3 in prime time.

This season, the network reached another milestone in television history. For the first time, a private television replaced the public broadcaster, directing the twelve strokes at the end of the year. More than 6.3 million viewers and a 33.7% share watched Cristina Pedroche and Alberto Chicote’s broadcast on December 31, compared to 4,185,000 viewers and 22.4% who stayed true to New Year’s Eve on TVE.

In addition, Antena 3 also increased its numerical results thanks to the good performances of the Turkish series “Tierra Amarga”, which “Sálvame” conquered its evening hegemony, and “Infiel”, the most watched fiction of the season of all television stations, which premiered on September 5. most watched episode with 2,357,000 followers and 18.1%. In the news: ‘Antena 3 Noticias’ wins in all editions (19.5% and 2,363,000) of ‘Informativos Telecinco’ (13.5% and 1,652,000) and the ‘Telediarios’ of La 1 (10.5 % and 1,309,000).

The other side of the coin is Telecinco, which has recorded its historic minimum for the season. A first place that he held continuously for ten years. The fall of ‘Sálvame’, the decline of the audience in formats such as ‘Survivors’ or ‘Secret Story’ or the lack of success in the slot prior to the Pedro Piqueras news are some of the reasons that made the television second position. declare network Mediaset. From within the group they are already strengthening their programming for the new track, with new formats that will have to replace ‘Ya son o’clock’, taken off the grid due to lack of audience, and ‘Viva la vida’. In the morning, yes, ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ keeps its strength at a great distance from ‘Espejo Público’, despite the absence of its main presenter due to illness.

Similarly, La 1 scored its worst mark at 8.8% of its “share” in its first full year under the presidency of José Manuel Pérez Tornero, a tenth less than the previous year. However, public television achieved the most watched broadcast of the season, which corresponds to the votes for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 (7,942,000 average audience and 61.3% share). The Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid, broadcast on TVE, was also among the most watched programs with a 52.8% share and more than 7.7 million followers.

In the lower part of the table, both La Sexta (6.4%) and Cuatro (5.2%) reduced their data, with declines of three and one-tenth, respectively. 2, for its part, rises to 3%.

Source: La Verdad


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