Luisma Soriano shows her work at Born 2022


‘The Collapse of Tenderness’ Is About ‘Everything Caused by a Mother’s Untimely Death’

The theatrical text ‘El desmoronamiento de la ternura’, which won the Murcian Luisma Soriano in 2021 the Born Theater Award, was performed last Saturday at the Born 2022 awards ceremony, in Menorca, which this time won the playwright Lluïsa Cunillé for ‘El goes’ . On stage, Verónica Bermúdez, Juanjo F. Alarcón, Eloísa Azorín, Toni Medina and Mariló Molina gave life to this story that deals with “everything caused by the untimely death of a mother, from the reactions caused by verbal incontinence, cruel and enraged, or from silence and stillness, observation as a way of perceiving a still latent energy, transformed into something else».A production of Platform Connected and Cía. railway.

Source: La Verdad


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