Anger at registration – Mayor: Asylum seekers roam villages


The refugee issue comes up again. In order to relieve Burgenland, asylum seekers are currently being distributed to other states for first registration. “After that, the asylum seekers are free and roam the villages”, some mayors are angry.

In the week before alone, 3,484 people illegally crossed the border into Burgenland. The total of 63,250 refugees this year is about the size of the city of St. Pölten. According to a report by some mayors to the “Krone”, the fear among the population is currently great.

“The population is extremely insecure”
According to Roman Kainrath (SPÖ), mayor of Lutzmannsburg (Burgenland), between 20 and 40 refugees are stranded every day in his marketplace on the border with Hungary. They left clothes and garbage in the forest. In addition, a resident told him that she was surprised by a refugee in the garden. “People are very concerned. How is this going on?” asks Kairath.

Protest march planned against refugees
It’s enough for the mayor of St. Georgen im Attergau (Upper Austria). On the national holiday, he starts a protest march in the direction of the highway ramp. It is not yet known in which direction the highway will be closed.

The refugees are a long-standing problem – but not just in St. Georgen. Weather in Spielfeld (Styria), in Schwechat, Wels, Carinthia, Salzburg or Tyrol. In order to relieve Burgenland, the asylum seekers are taken to these places to handle the first registration of the refugees with the help of interpreters.

Ministry: ‘Refugees can only stop for 48 hours’
The Ministry of the Interior regularly receives complaints from angry mayors, but according to the ministry, it has little room for action. Refugees can only be stopped for 48 hours.

Tents for refugees for Karner “a sensible solution”
Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) defended on Monday setting up tents to receive asylum seekers and refugees. “It was necessary to use tents. The BBU (Federal Agency for Care and Support Services, note) is tasked with making sure that no one is looking for a place to stay alone,” Karner said. Tents are “a sensible solution” for this. The agency itself did not see a “trend reversal” yet.

Source: Krone


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