Use in the dark – wind-destroyed tent: couple in alpine distress


A German couple in East Tyrol experienced dramatic moments on Monday evening: the duo wanted to spend the night in a tent on the mountain. However, the “quarter” was destroyed by the wind. In complete darkness and torrential rain, the pair were literally trapped at 2,700 meters above sea level, mainly because the young man (17) suffered a knee injury. Mountain rescuers had to climb up to the two. The crew of the first aid helicopter was eventually able to benefit from a short phase of weather improvement.

At around 8 p.m., the 17-year-old German made an emergency call and stated that: he and his companion (18) would be in Ainet below the Barrensee in the area of ​​the Schober group on a climb at an altitude of 2700 meters in an alpine emergency.

“The two people wanted to stay in a tent, but the strong wind tore up the tent. Due to heavy rain, both alpinists were completely soaked and the man was unable to descend independently due to a knee injury,” the police reported.

To the hospital by helicopter
Lienz’s alarmed mountain rescue service then climbed up to the couple and arrived around 10 p.m. Meanwhile, the weather had improved for a short time. The emergency helicopter crew used this “window” – the Germans were rescued by helicopter and then flown to the hospital in Lienz. After the descent, the mountain rescue team reached the operations center around 1:00 AM.

Source: Krone


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