Announcement ÖVP-SPÖ – LIVE: Constituent Assembly of the Tyrolean State Parliament


Four weeks after the state elections, today, Tuesday, the new Tyrolean state parliament will be composed during a meeting in the Innsbruck manor. The focus is on the election and swearing in of the new black-and-red state government under future governor Anton Mattle (ÖVP) and his first deputy, SPÖ leader Georg Dornauer. You can follow the session in the livestream (above).

Black-Red – the two parties have 21 mandates in the 36-seat state parliament – replaces the previous black-green state government, which has ruled Tyrol since 2013. The more than 14-year era of governor Günther Platter (ÖVP) ends on Tuesday. In June, he announced his political retirement.

“Stability in the crisis, renewal for Tyrol”
Out of Platter’s cabinet, only Deputy Governor Josef Geisler (ÖVP) is part of the new state government, alongside former Economy Minister Mattle. Under the motto “Stability in the crisis, renewal for Tyrol”, ÖVP leader Anton Mattle and SPÖ club president Georg Dornauer presented the government program last Friday.

The two party leaders also presented their new government team. In addition to familiar faces, there are some career changers. The future provincial councils at a glance with their resort:

  • Anton Mattle (ÖVP): Finance, Europe and External Relations, Volunteering, Community, Culture
  • Josef Geisler (ÖVP): Agriculture and forestry, spatial planning, road construction and energy, tradition
  • Cornelia Hagele (ÖVP): Health
  • Mario Gerber (ÖVP): tourism and economy
  • Astrid Mair (ÖVP):safety and workers
  • Georg Dornauer (SP): Housing, sports, he also takes over the Tyrolean social services
  • René Zumtobel (SPÖ): Mobility
  • Eva Pawlata (SP): social and women

The ÖVP had lost more than nine percentage points in the state elections on September 25, finishing with nearly 35 percent. The SPÖ won only slightly, losing second place to the FPÖ.

Source: Krone


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