Said Ecclestone "I will get a bullet for Putin" and charge Zelensky


Bernie Ecclestoneformer Formula One leader, has assured that he will receive ammunition “for Putin” and the Russian president, in connection with the war in Ukraine, is doing “what he thinks is right for Russia.”

“I’ll get a bullet for Putin,” Ecclestone said in an interview with ITV. “What Putin is doing is what he thinks is right for Russia. He’s a businessman, like me, and sometimes we make mistakes. When you make mistakes, you have to try to make changes and make the best of them.”

In addition, Ecclestone criticized the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. “That guy in Ukraine, I think he’s a comedian and from what I see, he wants to continue being one”He added.

Formula One, of which Ecclestone has not been a part since 2017 when Liberty Media bought the business, distanced itself from its statements and said in a statement that they were “his opinions” and that they were in contrast to “those modern value of sport “.

Source: La Verdad


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