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F1 GP Great Britain | Alonso’s car jobSome mechanic behind Fernando Alonso’s car, working, certainly adjusting to the bodywork changes Alpine has demonstrated. These developments are noticeable among the pontoons, but there is also a lot of work in the background. They seem to have pulled out a piece and cut something to fit the piece.

F1 GP Great Britain | Marc Gene, of DAZN F1“Ferrari has some changes to the bonnet and mirrors, as well as a rear wing that Charles tried in Canada and Carlos also has it. But there’s a more visible change that’s not very normal, that’s in place of the box.Engineers who read telemetry are not on a central island in the box, because they leave more space and only the 5 most important engineers of Carlos and Charles are behind the box, and this will be the trend to GPs to try to make more space for mechanics and engineers to work more efficiently.
Carlos chassis modification: “It’s huge work because replacing the chassis isn’t a small thing. But it’s much better that it was seen yesterday afternoon because if it could be seen now when the car started, it might not have come out on. track “.
Red Bull has a higher point: “This year it’s very hard to make predictions. It’s the first time this year that we’re going on a fast track like this one, with corners over 270 km / h of minimum speed. We believe that we’re going to be competitive and in fact we’ve gone on all tracks.But I won’t deny to you that Red Bull is a really good team and I’m not dismissing Mercedes even if they say that because of ‘porpoising’ they will have problems with fast corners.It is a track that people love.Carlos and Charles and last year we barely won with a bit of luck.The goal is nothing but to try to win here at Sunday but we don’t know if our competition will be enough. ”
Red Bull has won 6 in a row: “When I thought Max was 46 points behind Charles and now he’s 49 in the lead … there were 100 points, which we probably gave up 75. I remember Barcelona, ​​Monaco and Baku “With a team as strong as Red Bull. You can’t give him these gifts. We have a team that leads all races and I hope this weekend will be normal, for Carlos and for Charles.”

F1 Great Britain GPFernando Alonso could achieve another record at Silverstone: If he completes 43 laps of the race this weekend at Silverstone, he will surpass the current record for the race distance traveled by Raikkonen of 92,636km. Alonso now has 92,377km covered in his entire F1 racing career.

It will also come close to the F1 race record for laps, as Raikkonen has 18,621 and Alonso has completed 18,497 laps in his career. And the rest for the Asturian …

F1 GP Great Britain | Free Practice Begins 1Now it’s still raining a little. Leclerc and Sainz are also on track. There is not much water in the circuit now, for intermediates, because some areas have a little more water and others are dry. “Not everyone is wet. Some areas are intermediate,” Sainz said by radio.

F1 GP Great Britain | Free Practice Begins 1The circuit is wet and that is the beginning of the session. The two Mercedes came out on the track together, in what seemed like a lap of honor for the two British drivers more than anything. They come out with an intermediate rubber. The probability of rain on Saturday is not very high so vehicles should be tested, but there is no urgent need to do so on other weekends with more guaranteed water.

F1 GP Great Britain | workout 1It’s raining in Silverstone and it’s going to make things worse for everyone, because it’s not known if there will be rain in qualifying and in the races and all the teams, with improvements to their vehicles, need like rain in May to ride of dry to test their progress and start to find the balance of your vehicles, collect data and understand how to maximize those new components.

F1 GP Great Britain | Free 1 Everyone is ready to begin the first free training sessions
British F1 GP 2022.

F1 GP Great Britain | Verstappen defended PiquetMax Verstappen, son -in -law of Nelson Piquet and Hamilton’s great rival last year, focused his comments in defense of his girlfriend’s father: Verstappen defended Piquet: “I know him and he’s not racist”

F1 GP Great Britain | Hamilton, defended by the pilotsLewis Hamilton yesterday referred to Piquet’s racist comments at a press conference before the F1 British GP as well as his fellow grid members: Alonso defended Hamilton and Lewis thanked the drivers

F1 GP Great Britain | SchedulesDon’t miss the detail of what will happen this weekend
British F1 GP. To do this, save the following article as if it were a treasure: Schedule and where to watch the 2022 Formula 1 British Grand Prix on TV

F1 Great Britain GPHere, the aerodynamic improvements or adaptations brought by Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari to this 2022 F1 British GP according to official FIA documents:

F1 GP Great Britain | EvolutionsSa
Mercedes a new floor and suspension enhancements will be visible. Red Bull is showcasing a new bonnet.
Williams getting new pontoons and new cooling intakes in real style
red bull in the vehicle of
Aston-Martin it also shows a “significant evolution”. And Alpine also has new floors and pontoons here, as we announced a few weeks ago.

F1 GP Great Britain | many evolutionsWeekend a lot of news. The fact that most teams ’factories are located a few kilometers from here in Silverstone means most teams will be showcasing new aerodynamic packages this weekend. Many have red marks this weekend on the evolutionary calendar. An example is Mercedes, which hopes to take another step forward after being provided with the package presented in Barcelona. Or Williams, where they say they can improve up to a second, something almost impossible, but it shows their optimism. Or Alpine, which from its Enstone factory presented a new pontoon and a new floor.

F1 Great Britain GPWelcome to the 2022 F1 British GP. Everyone at Silverstone is ready for the first Free Practice sessions of this tenth race of the 2022 Formula 1 season to begin.

Source: La Verdad


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