Referee Marta Huerta will whistle in the opening match of the Women’s European Championship


Englandacting as a local, and Austria will meet in the opening battle of European Championship woman 2022. And at that stage there was the Spanish judge giving justice Marta Huerta de Aza, who not only made history by becoming the first national college to become a major referee in a European Championship, but it will also be released in the first match of the tournament. And it will do so in the mythical stadium of Old Traffordwith a capacity of 74,140 and where an attendance record is expected in a Women’s European Championship.

field of AzaIn addition, he will join the band of Guadalupe Porraswhile the other two Spaniards, Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez and Guillermo Cuadra Fernandezwere designated as VAR and AVAR referees respectively.

Not only did the Spanish team focus on this great event, but the establishment of the refereeing also took two steps forward, as demonstrated by this important assignment for both field of Aza for Guadalupe Porras.

Also both are pre -selected by FIFA to be next Absolute Women’s World Championship of Australia and New Zealand, which will take place next summer 2023 and if this event finally takes place, it will be another hurdle that will destroy Spain’s arbitration. Another example of support for Spanish female arbitration by the Technical Committee of Referees, headed by Luis Medina Cantalejoand of RFEF, as the windows rose for professional female arbitration to grow and the group of college members was promoted

Source: La Verdad


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