The city has completed the purchase of Palermo


The City Football Group (CFG) continues to expand their equipment catalog. The among other owners of City of Manchester was made official on Monday purchase of Palermo FCwas recently promoted to Serie B, the Italian second division.

The operation is closed at the value of 13.5 million dollars in exchange for 80% of the shares from Palermo, the eleventh club in the hands of the CFG. The remaining 20% ​​will remain in the hands of the club’s current president, Darío Mirri.

With the capture of Palermo, it is already under its control City of Manchester (England), the Girona (Spain), the New York City (United States), the city ​​of melbourne (Australia), the city ​​of mumbai (India), the Lommel SK (Belgium), Troyes Station (France), Torque of the City of Montevideo (Uruguay), the Yokohama Marine (Japan) and the Sichuan Jiuniu (China).

Re -established in 2019

Palermo is a historical of Italy what should re -established in 2019. Mirri got it when it went bankrupt and fell to the fourth division.

“This is a very special club, and our role is to add value to all the things that make it special and continue to improve performance on and off the pitch, using our experience and knowledge,” he said. Ferran Soriano, CFG Executive Director. .

Source: La Verdad


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