Van der Poel reached his second Flanders after a big duel with Pogacar


the dutch Mathieu Van der Poel (Alpecin Fenix) got his second touring the flanders by winning a reduced sprint that became the culmination of a breakaway he starred in with the Slovenian Tadej Pogacar in the last 25 km of the race, where the double winner of Tour de France was relegated to fourth place after overconfidence.

Van der Poel (Kapellen, Belgium, 27 years old), had an exciting match against Pogacar in the final walls, a one-on-one that had a painful outcome at the finish line, both, in excessive scoring and confidence. , has reached 300 meters from the line. Van del Poel started on time so as not to be surprised and raised his arms after completing 272 in between Antwerp and Oudenaarde at a time of 6:18:22, averaging 43.1 km/hour.

Second place in the 106th edition of the Tour of Flanders, the second monument of the year, went to his compatriot from Ineos Dylan VanBaarle and the third for the French Valentine Madouas (Groupama), both benefited from Van der Poel and Pogacar’s stopping the arrival tactics. The Slovenian, frustrated, gave up to the point he was last classified in the top quartet.

A spectacular duel between the top two favorites at the start reached expectations, with the Slovenian trying to release Van der Poel into the final walls and the Dutchman enduring a whip from the king of the Tour de France, who eager to take the crown of Flanders.

the square of Grote Markt, symbol of Renaissance architecture of Antwerp, the city of diamonds, offers a ray of sunshine after the snow the previous day in Flanders, a comfort for warriors who will face a massive battle on a route with 18 walls and 7 cobblestone sectors.

The dance immediately began with the 9 men forming the first escape: Dewulf, Grignard, Boaro, the German from Movistar Max Kanter, Bohli, Paasschens, De Vylder, Mozzato and Van der Hoorn9 allies fighting the endless journey and a platoon that did not allow the adventure for more than 5 minutes.

A beginning to fears, such as the fall of Pogacar. Light scratches and immediately rode again assisted by his subjects. The entrance to the second part of the route includes almost all dimensions, chained to the end.

Many wanted to change the order, like the Spaniards Ivan Garcia Cortina (Movistar). An Asturian movement has resulted in numerous court prosecutions, including applicants such as Stybar or Mads Pedersen. The race has already taken on another aspect. There are many seizures, nervousness, and falls. One of them beat Frenchman Laporte, a key player in Jumbo Visma, without Van Aert, the Dutch team’s trump card along with Benoot.

In the second step Old Kwaremont the Pogacar figure appears to have imposed its user manual, which is summed up by sticking stakes to each wall. The UAE leader sped 2 cobbled kilometers, finished the escape and selected a group of 30 runners awaiting new scenarios. An early warning put Van der Poel in trouble, who suffered not to miss the train of the elect.

Immediately, at Paterberg (0.5 km at 9.7 per cent) British Fred Wright (Bahrain) stormed in to stay ahead with Van Baarle. Both opened up a small gap, but at Koppenberg another attack by Pogacar, answered by Van der Poel, led to a certain quintet coming together in the lead to dispute victory.

Removed kasper asgreentitle defender, due to a breakdown, Pogacar and Van der Poel joined Van Baarle, Madouas and British Wrigth, a group that overtook Kruisberg with more than 1 minute in a peloton where García Cortina was still fighting .

The key is marked on the chained third pass at Old Kwaremont and on its 14 percent ramp and on Paterberg, the last hurdle of the Tour of Flanders. On the first climb, Pogacar’s umpteenth whiplash tried to crush Van der Poel, to end his fight. No way. The Dutchman was glued like glue. give up Madouas, Wright and Van Baarle.

The face to face, the exciting duel began Pogacar-Van der Poel. There are still 17 km to go. Paterberg arrived (360 m, 12.9% and slopes of 20), where Pogacar’s attempt was not lacking. Above he looks at his rival, and even brings him to ask for relief. A way to give up.

The two are set to go to the finish line. The prognosis is already favorable to Van der Poel. Bigger, stronger, more roll, but Pogacar won’t give his arm to twist, he’ll do everything.

At 3 from the finish line, they both threw nothing but the gutter. Bottles, gel … everything left to face the sprint. Within the last km the sights began, the stops, the calculations, the scoring, as Van Baarle and Madouas approached.

Emotions. at 300 meters there are already 4 candidates. It’s like magic. Then Van der Poel started out loud. That was the last cartridge. And he took advantage of it. Pogacar was caught by a bull. Fourth place, sour and frustrating.

This is the third win of the season for Van der Poel, his second crown in Flanders, the fourth if you count his two Through Flanders. A gem to unite your Amstel and Strade Bianche. The quadruple world champion in cyclocross also knows how to hunt for monuments.

Source: La Verdad


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