Why did Jovic go to Fiorentina for free if he has a valid contract?


The length of time we haven’t met famous voice the fact that the signing of Luka Jović for him real Madrid (63 million in 2019) was an operation, at least, detrimental to the white team. The eighth most expensive signing in its history and its balance is three goals in three years. That is, 20 million per target. Harmful.

And all this is even more remarkable when in the middle of his contract, the player leaves for another destination (after half a year on loan to Eintracht between January and June 2021) and does so without the team accepting the player, in this case the Florence, pay a euro for his move despite the fact that he still has three years of merengue left.

The reason, more or less convincing, is none other than the ease provided by the sport’s finance law. Italy (known as the Beckham Law in Spain) for this to happen, and although the Madrid he will receive no amount from his transfer, he can save his file (9.1 million gross per season, about 4.5 net). A salary that, in addition, if the white team has to pay it through a conventional transfer, they have to do so in Italian taxation, with a tax of 45.5%paid. But this way, it leaves it on Fiorentina, it reached 24% because it was the national team. In addition, the information indicates that the white team earned 50% profit on the deal in the event of a possible future sale over the next two years.

In other words, the in Jovic This is a strange operation, not common in football but prioritizing the interests of those real Madrideven part of them, because they stopped paying high salaries for a player who, despite the poster he carried on arrival, did not meet expectations.

Source: La Verdad


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