Real Madrid: Casting for best ‘9’ cast


When Luke Jovic was signed in 2019 in exchange for 63 million, in real Madrid it is therefore expected to provide a Benzema that, despite being an undisputed starter, he should have had a break and fights to avoid in terms of risk of injury.

However, time has shown that the operation has not been good and now, three years later, the Serbian player has left without leaving a euro in the coffers and has the same position that requires a player capable of complement. Benzema. And it’s that on real Madrid fully trust the French, which, in fact, will be golden ball in just over a month, but the fact was marked by his identity card and his 34 -year ‘force’ to come up with replacement guarantees.

And that’s where the three names begin: Mayoral, Mariano and Juanmi Latasa. Each has their choices, their pros and cons but, most of all, their ability to meet expectations, with none other than being the best ‘9’ in the cast.

The one from Parla, whose preseason is ahead of him, had a chance to convince Ancelotti, whom he knew, but they have not been together since the striker made his debut with Rafa Benítez, months after the Carletto left.

Who knows the Italian Marian which, in addition, in the last stretch of the League he gave more chances than that Luka Jović. And finally, there’s great hope for La Fábrica, that is Juanmi Latasa and that he would share his activities between Castile and the first group.

the market was pitiful

And out of the aforementioned names is the forward market, something thick. And it is the white team, which receives many offers, does not eliminate the signing of ‘9’ for distribution but at the moment there is no profile that convinces them. I made Gabriel Jesus but his non-community status prevented him from reaching the capital.

So things, in real Madrid They are still waiting for the events, weeks have passed and Ancelotti along with the sports management will decide who will be the striker to be with. Benzema next season.

Source: La Verdad


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