Borja Mayoral has a new lover in Serie A


When Borja Mayoral Return to Valdebebas on July 8 to start the preseason with real Madrid, his future is not clear. And a week later he was still gone, because while it was true that he had ballots to go on, he also had lovers leaving. In Spain and abroad.

One of the last, according to Calciomercato is he Bologna ng A seriesa league he has known since his time in Rome. The cadre in the Emilia-Romagna region would have contacted real Madrid which, in part, is asking for 10 million euros.

The Italian team is not ready to reach that number and, like Getafe and the Celticgroups interested in Foremancan take a strategy to convince Real Madrid that, yes, does not eliminate continued reliance on their services.

Source: La Verdad


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