Patri Pebble: "We are eager to win"


Patri Pebble: "We are eager to win"

Motivation and ambition are the words that best describe the attitude with which Spanish players face off against England, a duel in style that everyone is particularly excited to play. That’s how he hinted Patricia Pebble at the press conference before the match.

“We’re looking forward to it, we’re looking forward to it. It’s a quarter-final against the host. The stadium will be full, it’s going to be beautiful and special. All the players want to be here and give their all,” he assured ama in the press room at Brighton Stadium.

“These days, we don’t stop talking about the coming of the time. We feel that and we live that way.” “Fans will watch a soccer game, one of the best there can be in women’s soccer. It’s a game that if you like soccer you have to be very attentive. We want that there are fans and that’s the stadium is full; this is how we are “, added the Barça midfielder.

With the possibility of being the favorite to win the title at the start of the tournament, Pebble He made sure they never put any label on themselves and it was the best they did. “Our job, our ambition, it’s still the same. From the beginning until now, it’s still the same. We want to win, with a mentality that we can beat anyone by playing well and being Spain,” he said.

“Yes, it’s true that England are one of the best teams, but we haven’t labeled ourselves yet. It’s the best we can do.”

footballingly, ama He stressed that the key was having the ball and getting it from England. “I don’t think we have to adapt to their game. The best we can do is play our game, have the ball, that’s going to be our attack and our best defense. In the games they play, they have. A lot of ball and that it resulted in a lot of opportunities, ”he said.

Source: La Verdad


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