Radovic guides the arrival of center Pustovyi


Old acquaintances. “Artem will be very comfortable with UCAM,” said the Montenegrin winger, who is largely responsible for the signing of the Ukrainian center.

The official announcement of the signing of Artem Pustovyi, a 2.18m center of Gran Canaria with another six seasons of experience in the Endesa League divided between Obradoiro and Barça, and with whom UCAM closes a deep roster, has created the illusion of the Murcian fans. But there is one particularly lucky person at UCAM. That’s Nemanja Radovic.

Radovic, who will celebrate his seventh with UCAM next season and become the second foreigner to make the most appearances in the club’s history, is one of the most dedicated players in the Murcian dressing room. He shows it, even off the field. He did this last summer by extending a salary cut that would allow Alejandro Gómez to form a more competitive squad and has acted as the ideal go-between to secure the signing of Artem Pustovyi, who has opted for the Murcian option. from others superior in economy or stability, such as the five-year contract offered by Obradoiro, the team that brought him to the Endesa League.

“We are very good friends and that is precisely why I tell him things as they are,” Radovic told La Verdad exclusively. “It is true that we exchanged many messages and phone calls,” he admits in his improvised agent job. One of the factors that necessarily play in favor of UCAM, as the economy is not one of the most thriving, is the fame created as a team that provides the player with an environment in which to feel comfortable. “UCAM takes very good care of its players, Artem will feel very comfortable with the people who work with us every day, as well as with the office staff, the owners, etc.”, says the Montenegrin. “It’s really something very important for the players.”

But there is also the city. “A lot of people in Spain don’t know how well people live in Murcia, I think it’s a trick Murcians have so that too many people don’t come to live in your city,” laughs the one who is already another huertanico, who has already told his friend that “the quality of life here is very good, people are very positive and smile very much, it is very sunny… These are the tricks I sold him to make him come”.

Of course, there is also the illusion of reuniting Pustovyi with his friend. A friendship forged in Santiago de Compostela, in the 2017-18 season. “That year Artem and his wife were dating, but he was alone in Italy because she was a volleyball player, so we spent a lot of time together from day one.” To go to training every morning, then eat and go back to training. Always together. “People said it looked like we were married, so when his girlfriend arrived at the end of the season, we joked that Artem and I now had to break up our marriage so they could be together.”

And speaking of weddings, last week, as UCAM made Pustovyi’s signing official, Montenegrins and Ukrainians shared a table and tablecloth at that of another friend, power forward Marko Lukovic, Radovic’s replacement at UCAM the summer he took to Santiago in 2017. left. He was cut after a few months and had a second try in the Endesa League with Manresa, who also didn’t have much of a journey, but the Serb has just renewed with Breogán for another season after he became one of the key men of the Lugo’s surprising team last year. All three are clients of the most powerful representative of European basketball, Misko Raznatovic.

“You have to give me Pustovyi’s signing commission, huh, Misko,” Ivana Radovic joked with her husband’s agent. And it is that Ivana and Mina, Pustovyi’s wife, have a lot to do with this story. Both became very good friends and kept in close contact all the years that their husbands played in different teams. The same thing Nemanja sold to Artem, Ivana sold to Mina. Two do more than one.

After all, after three seasons at a club not as well known as Barça, and one last year in a chaotic Gran Canaria that wanted to cancel his contract and gradually considered making him a new one with a much higher salary. small, affection and stability are valued. To Murcia’s delight, the binomial Radovic-Pustovyi is back.

Source: La Verdad


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