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Please fix the wheat thing, millions of tons for hungry people, especially in Africa And stop firing missiles. We, to avoid heat, don’t overdo it, avoid fire and rest every day.

Barça continues its successful tour in terms of results. Times change and so do situations. when big Johan led the bench Barcelona preseason was held Hollandbecause the temperature was mild and the team stayed in a special sports center for the entire physical phase, starting to play against youth teams, once a day, until finishing against PSV either Feyenoord either Ajax.

Johan, the inspiration behind the current cruyffismo, did not want to know anything about high temperatures and on occasions refused to participate in Carranza because he said it was too hot in Cádiz. so many changes The customs and perhaps the needs that now the big clubs want Barcelona, Madrid, city, Bayern Y Juve they will go to USA at a time when everything is about to burn.

The next meeting of Barça is at dawn from Tuesday to Wednesday at Dallasthat apart from killing Kennedyis the place where it is communicated Maradona the sanction imposed by FIFA in the middle of the 94 World Cup. I was there and everything was about to burn. In short, economic imperatives have changed the daily lives of large, medium and small businesses, and what was once law on one side is now order on the other.

The arrival of Lewandowski He made great expectations in Barcelona and I hope his performance lives up to this expectation. It looks like the board of Barcelona He will continue to sign and the general public does not understand that a few days ago there was talk of the economic collapse and now we can bring in good players at high prices. This is probably the thing going forward, we will succeed in sports now and the financial issue will be taken care of by others. I’m not pessimistic, but let’s not forget that on top of this we have to build the Space of Barca with a credit of 1500 million. Fortunately it seems Florentine in all of this super league It is there like lending a hand. I’m afraid, but it is what it is right now.

Elvis Presley and Laporta

Last Friday, I went back to the cinema Cinema Diagonal. I went to the recommended movie Elviswhich collects part of the life of Presleywith its successes, its problems and the situation of a big star at the time, very well executed, the music of the time at its best and many photos taken at the international hotel in Las Vegas, it is a place where Elvis often act. When they get home, on TV they go to a report of Barcelona In the same Vegaswith a column and picture of Joan Laporta in the same, even without the guitar. It was a big hit Elvis Y Januaryalmost nothing.

Source: La Verdad


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