New data and facts – This is what unemployment looks like for non-Austrians


The new Viennese labor market report proves it: Austrians are more successful in looking for a job than people without Austrian citizenship. Because often only a compulsory education certificate is available. All facts and figures.

The labor market is recovering – the “Krone” reported. The number of unemployed fell again below 10 percent in June (albeit very slightly at 9.9 percent) – but this was most recently in 2013.

That’s what the statistics say
The “Krone” has the “Vienna Labor Market Report” in front of it, and it shows especially glaring differences between Austrians and those without Austrian citizenship. In particular, the report states: “Among those without Austrian citizenship, unemployment in Vienna in June 2022 was -7.6% lower than in the same month last year; among those with Austrian citizenship, unemployment fell significantly more by -19.1 %.”

And: “Compared to June 2019, unemployment among people without Austrian citizenship is still +7763 people (+13.0%) above the pre-crisis value, while among people with Austrian citizenship it is -8,684 (-11.8% ) is lower. ”

The statement from the office of Alderman for Finance Peter Hanke (SPÖ): “The basic problem here is a qualification problem. Among the group of non-Austrians in the labor market, there are many who have completed compulsory education and some of whom cannot use the qualifications brought with them.” Aid to change that comes from the Waff.

Source: Krone


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