Timo Roosen: “It’s not the best way to win”


The winner of the second phase of Tour of Burgosthe dutch Timo Rossen pointed that out “It’s not the best way to win” on a day in which the crash of his teammate David Dekker caused a pileup that left the arrivals with no options, although he admitted that he did not know “what happened” and that he knew that “the fall allowed him to win the stage”.

“The last part was very fast, the peloton was very anxious and we took the leader of the group”, said the cyclist who highlighted the work of his colleague Edoardo Affini “in the last kilometer to the finish line”.

Roosen admitted that “there was a very fast bump and because of the speed there was a fall”, although when he turned “at the last corner” he thought Dekken was next to him, but found that it was not him, but his two companions , he went “full speed to the curve” to win.

The team was working for Dekker, a sprint specialist, but the victory fell to an unexpected one, which also marked the first time he won this year.

“It’s a good stage to win, in this lap we try to win a stage every day, I hope it wins in a different way next time“, finished the Dutch.

Source: La Verdad


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