Women’s league draw delayed


Last Wednesday, August 3, we told Mundo Deportivo that it will be at the beginning of next week when the CDS inform your decision on the draw of cprofessional female competition following the decision adopted on July 25 to suspend the two draws scheduled to take place on those dates. The first, as we explained that day, will be held on the same day as the women’s professional league electronically and the second has been announced by the RFEF for Wednesday, July 27.

The CSD’s decision to annul the two draws responds to the conflict of competences denounced by the women’s league last Friday, July 22, to the CSD itself, which is understood to be, as established by the Royal Decree of Sports Federations and the Sports Law himself, “Speaking There are two different issues regarding the organization and development of the pairing draw: the preparation of the calendars to be drawn, and the holding of the event itself (choosing the place, day, venue, type of event. , etc.) Both are responsibilities of professional leagues, men’s and women’s.

A conflict of competences included in the additional provision of the Royal Decree of Sports Federations itself and states that “Conflicts of competences, including those arising from the interpretation of agreements, that may occur between the Spanish sports federations and the professional leagues They will be resolved by resolution of the Higher Sports Council.

With the decision adopted by the CSD on July 25 to suspend both draws after the conflict denounced by the employer, a period was opened for the RFEF to present the appropriate allegations of what the League denounced. The deadline ended in the middle of this week.

But the Women’s League, within its legal enforcement, presented some complementary allegations to the complaint of conflict of competences. Allegations based, as this newspaper has learned, on the fact that the draw for the women’s league itself has been suspended when, according to the Royal Decree of Sports Federations, it is an employers’ association competition. These new allegations by the women’s league indicate a new move by the RFEF to present new ones within 5 business days. And all this indicates that it is not at the beginning of the week but at the end, and as soon as the new allegations are received from the RFEF, when the CSD announces its decision.

The RFEF denounced this position of the relay league: “The RFEF regrets that the LPFF delayed the publication of the CSD’s resolution on the dispute raised about the draw structure, which delivered new supplementary allegations outside of its initial writing” .

According to the RFEF, this league position also makes the women’s football category unbreakable. But the decision to suspend this draw from the calendar belongs to the CSD and the legal process is delaying the government’s definitive position.

The only thing that is certain is that we are just over a month away from the League and there is still no calendar. And this is not the only open front that urgently needs to be solved. There is also the number of foreign players, the cost of arbitration or category demotions.

Source: La Verdad


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