“In 2010 I did a study to increase the capacity of Nueva Condomina to 41,000 seats”


López-Amor, the architect who built the stadium, is surprised that the committee responsible for Murcia’s candidacy to host the 2030 World Cup has not contacted him

Jaime López-Amor Herrero was the architect entrusted with the construction of the Nueva Condomina Stadium (inaugurated in 2006), today Enrique Roca, a pioneering work in many respects within the panorama of sports facilities in Spain and which has just been shortlisted posted as the venue for the 2030 World Cup. “I read in THE TRUTH that a committee has been set up to prepare the candidacy, but no one has contacted me. I admit it surprises me a little bit,” says López-Amor.

The key to choosing to host the World Cup is capacity expansion. “When we built the stadium, 25,000 seats were needed to host international matches and we increased the capacity to 31,175.” Now it would be about 40,000 . must be

«I was General Director of Physical Education and Sport, Vice-President of the Spanish Olympic Committee and was part of the committee for the 1982 World Cup in Spain. I remember capacity wasn’t that important back then. The most important thing was to fill the stadiums and we already know that there are teams that attract a lot of crowds and others less. The key is the question of facilities, endowments and internal infrastructure, and Nueva Condomina was a pioneer in meeting all the requirements demanded by the professional football league and the Spanish Federation, as well as what was included in the agreement with the Murcia City Council . After Murcia, the Espanyol and Athletic stadiums were built. We were the first of a new generation. In an emergency, for example, it is evacuated within seven minutes thanks to all available doors, hallways and puke. The only sad thing is that there are some things that are half finished and others very much deteriorated from neglect. It is more careful on the inside than on the outside.

Jaime López-Amor is clear about how he would tackle the expansion of the Enrique Roca stadium, as the Murcian stadium is now called. «In 2010, I already did a study to increase the capacity of the stadium to 41,000 spectators. It was quite complete and the budget was about 10 million euros. It would be a second ring above the ring we currently have and that would not affect the main structure or the deck at all. With the added advantage that the matches could be played while the work was being carried out.

For Jaime López Amor, this would be the best time to realize the outbuilding for conventions and businesses that is in the agreement with the city council. It is being projected and approved, but pending execution.

«In 2001, marked by the city council itself, the construction of a congress and business complex was established, which would complete the Nueva Condomina complex and which is part of the stadium. They are 14,100 square meters spread over three floors and with the particularity that there is no limit to buildability. Faced with the candidacy for the 2020 World Cup, it would be an important added value that Real Murcia can also benefit from,” said Jaime López-Amor.

Source: La Verdad


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