Mourinho’s new Roma is terrifying in Italy


The arrival of José Mourinho on the bench of Rome last season was a breath of fresh air for a team that had been relegated to ostracism for the past decade, unable to compete with its historic rivals and far from its best; but what ended last season in illusion, could become a reality in season one that begins this weekend.

With still fresh memories of the League Conference held in Tirana (Albania)the first European title in 61 years for the club and a historic night in the capital of Italy, Roma did not stop working in silence to strengthen themselves in the summer market and continue their upward line.

The sports management of the ‘gianlorosso’ club, Hand in hand with a Mourinho who made his preferences clear and directly intervened in securing the three most relevant signings, has managed to strengthen almost all lines while he thrills his fans.

The first to arrive was Nemanja Matic, announce the Portuguese technician’s request. Bolstering the midfield is urgent following the departures of Sergio Oliveira and Henrikh Mhkitaryan, and Matic, whom he has known since his time at Manchester United, perfectly meets the profile Mou is looking for as an experienced player. , with leadership, perfect for providing balance and easy to interpret what you ask.

To complete the core Georginio Wijnaldum arrived last week. After a gray period he was left without a place at PSG and Mourinho convinced him to join the Roman project.

But the blow of Roma’s summer market impact is Paulo Dybala. When negotiations with Inter stalled, and after names such as Atlético de Madrid or Sevilla were mentioned as a new destination for the Argentine, Mourinho reappeared as an important part to seize the services of the ‘Jewel’, who was accepted when has the honor of being a superstar in his new city.

In addition, even if it is not a signing, Spinazzola’s side has fully recoveredwho is expected to occupy the left lane again in the established defensive line of five.

And it is, with new additions, Rome has everything you need to finish the season at least, in the Champions League, while fighting for the Europa League. It showed this Sunday against Shakhtar Donetsk, in the final preseason friendly, which they beat 5-0 at home, before a capitulated crowd.

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More than 65,000 throats attended the final test before the start of Serie A. This is the first opportunity to check if Mou’s cocktail works, a mix between the foundations of the previous season and the new details that he will gradually incorporate into his method.

The premiere at the Olympic went like silk. A clean sheet and more than understanding the three-quarter zone, where the player from Setubal lined up his entire arsenal in quality form: Dybala, Pellegrini, Abraham and Zaniolo. They soon bonded and owned the game to the sound of the crowd cheering non-stop.

‘La Loba’ seems to have really entered a positive dynamic who seem, at least for now, unwilling to give up. Neither the coaching staff, nor the players, nor, above all, the fans, who are committed to their team, in perfect harmony and harmony with the players and the bench, where everything seems easy to use.

End the season with the title, the first Conference League in history, the club’s first European accolade in 61 yearswas the first step for the return of Rome.

Now, with the transfer of this market – where Andrea Belotti can still come as a striker – and the good preseason, the ‘giallorossi’ scares the other Italian teams who, except for Milan, have had a disappointing reunion with the ball.

Source: La Verdad


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