CAF asked UEFA to open an investigation against De Laurentiis


The African Football Confederation (CAF) asked the UEFA to open an investigation against Aurelius DeLaurentiispresident and owner of Napoli, for his words last week, where he made it clear that he will not sign more internationals Africans to compete in the African Cup of Nations.

In those statements, By Laurentiis informed that African players would only sign him on the condition that they will agree not to participate in the African competition, which takes place every two years, between the months of January and February, while most domestic club competitions are played. A fact that causes people to choose to play with their choice at least a month of the league championship with his club.

These words they can’t sit properly within the CAF, which condemned the statements that By Laurentiis expressed in an interview with Wall Street Italy, and formally requested through a press release UEFA open an investigation against the Italian president, attributing to him the violation of article 14 of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations.

“CAF is dismayed by the irresponsible and unacceptable comments made by the president of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis, about African players and the African Cup of Nations. The African Confederation condemns De Laurentiis’ ban on players African. By publicly declaring that players who sign for Napoli are required to sign a waiver to participate in the African Cup of Nations as a condition of employment, De Laurentiis’ comments are likely to have breached article 14 of UEFA Disciplinary Regulations.”

In addition, CAF ensures that it “focuses on the role of football in Africa, Europe, North and South America and Asia to unite people from different cultures, ethnic groups, linguistics, races and religious communities. We have no doubt that Napoli and UEFA are committed to these global humanitarian goals.”

But also he asked mockingly if these restrictions are imposed By Laurentiis to players from other non-European continents: “Should we imagine that the president of Napoli will include similar restrictions for players from South America, Asia and other confederations, denying them the right play their continental competitions, which is important for the development of football on a global level?”

Source: La Verdad


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