United could be punished by FIFA for Cristiano Ronaldo


In World of sports We tell you about different scenarios where they happen Cristiano Ronaldo and the Man Utd within the apparent rift that now exists between the footballer and the club. First, we must always start from the scenario of the contract year that remains for the former player of Madrid, until June 30, 2023, after the contract signed last summer from Juventus at a rate of around 23 million euros net per season.

The key to all these soap operas is the fact that the player is within the so-called protected period. As we have explained in the past, we must always start with article 17 of the Player Statute and Transfer, which allows a player or club to break the contract without just cause. “In all cases, the party terminating the contract is obliged to pay compensation” and this “will be calculated taking into account the national law, the characteristics of the sport and other objective criteria. These criteria must include, in specifically, the compensation and other benefits due to the player under the current contract or new contract, the remaining contractual time, up to a maximum of five years, the fees and expenses paid by the previous club ( amortized over the contract period ), as well as the question of whether the termination of the contract occurs during a protected period”.

As we told you at the time, if the player violates this agreement, Cristiano is exposed to a harsh penalty of four months without playing because he is in a protected period in addition to the associated compensation. This, according to the regulations, includes the first three years of the contract when the footballer signed it when he was under 28 years old. The duration is reduced to two years only when it is signed as 28 years old or older, as in the case of Cristiano Rolando. Something is happening to the Portuguese who is now 37 years old and has just completed the first of two years of protected time. The words are clear: “shall constitute a four-month restriction on his eligibility to play in any official match. In the case of aggravating circumstances, the restriction shall be six months. The sports sanctions that it shall take effect immediately after the notice is given. decision to the player. Said sporting sanctions shall be suspended during the period between the last official match of the season and the first official match of the following season, including in both cases the national cups and the international club championships. However, said The suspension of sports sanctions shall not be applied if the player is a regular member of the representative team of the association he is eligible to represent, and the association -in question participated in the final competition of an international tournament in the period between the latter and the former. it matched from the period”.

Two windows without being able to sign

Manchester United are also exposed to a harsh penalty if they decide to break the contract with the Portuguese now. In addition to paying affiliate compensation, the English club is exposed to two windows without being able to sign; also for this protected period that defends the football player. This is what the rule says verbatim: In addition to the obligation to pay compensation, sporting sanctions must be imposed on the club that terminates the contract during the protected period, or instigates the termination of the contract. It shall be presumed, unless proven otherwise, that any club that signs a contract with a professional player who terminates his contract without just cause has induced the professional player to terminate the contract. The penalty consists of prohibiting the club from registering new players, both national and international, for two complete and consecutive registration periods. The club can register new players, both national and international, only from the next registration period after full compliance with the relevant sports sanction.

You will be fired without compensation for your abusive behavior

Only an abusive attitude on the part of the player towards the club or vice versa will allow the other party to consider the breach of contract without compensation or penalty. This scenario is included in article 14 point 2 of the same law and where it says verbatim that “any abusive behavior by a party whose purpose is to force its counterpart to terminate a contract or change the its rule, constitutes a reasonable cause for termination. the counterparty (player or club)”. But in this case, either of the two parties making this decision must justify it before the courts and FIFA itself.

Source: La Verdad


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