News from the DGT: Traffic launches a new surveillance campaign targeting distraction


Traffic group agents will monitor the interurban roads and all those municipal police who join the campaign

Until September 13, the General Directorate of Traffic will be conducting a new specific surveillance campaign that will focus on distraction while driving on this occasion. The campaign is part of the Operation Focus on the Road developed at European level by the RoadPol association (European Roads Policing Network).

This type of campaign is essential to warn about the risks of distracted or inattentive driving, as in 2021 it was present in 32% of all fatal crashes.

Therefore, the agents of the Traffic Association will monitor the interurban roads and all municipal police participating in the campaign in the urban area. To this roadside surveillance should be added the automated means at the disposal of the DGT with 216 cameras installed on the roads, which, among other things, can monitor whether the driver is using the mobile phone while driving.

The European Road Safety Observatory ERSO, in the monographic report on distracted driving it just updated, collects the results of several recent studies based on direct observation of drivers.

This shows that the prevalence of mobile phone use while driving in a car authorized by drivers in Europe is 48% for using hands-free devices and, even more worryingly, 29% for talking on a mobile phone. phone without handsfree and 24% to read text messages or check social networks.

In this sense, the report also reflects how actions that involve looking away from the road or performing manual tasks have a greater impact on both behavior behind the wheel and the risk of a collision, namely 3.6 times greater in the case of of talking without using handsfree, 6 times higher when writing a message and 12 times higher when dialing a number manually.

Source: La Verdad


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