The workshops show a lack of qualified personnel


There are fewer and fewer qualified personnel who want to work in a workshop. This is one of the conclusions that Cetraa has drawn,
the Spanish Confederation of Workshopswhich has launched several initiatives to make work in the auto repair sector more attractive.

This morning, the leadership of the organization,
Enrique Fontan,
Roger Cuesta Y
Ana Avila -President, Vice President and General Secretary- has stressed the need to find qualified personnel in the workshops.

Fontán stated: “We are at a time when many workshops urgently need qualified people to work in their facilities, but cannot find them, affecting their ability to provide an adequate service to their customers”

In the short and medium term, Cetraa is working on the possibility to find staff outside the borders with the aim of reducing the immediate need for professionals in the workshops. In the long run, the solution is to encourage young students to work in the workplace and make them consider this option for their future.

Fontán has emphasized how paradoxical it is that, with an unemployment rate of people under 25 of almost 27%,
“It’s hard to find people for high-paying jobs, modern, where there is no salary discrimination, high-tech and with a great future ahead of us. In addition, it should be noted that almost 100% of employment in the workshops is permanent.

That is why one of the priorities of the confederation is to adapt the modules of the Professional Automotive Training, to modernize the content and to give the dual training a prominent place. The claims are summarized in the video they made about the FP.

During this course, the first to launch Road Education as a teaching material, Cetraa will conduct surveys among students to find out the level of knowledge of the profession in schools.

Together with the presence of the organization at the next edition of the Aula Fair and the search for support from the administrations to make the initiative visible, this aims to compensate for the shortage of workers.

From Ifema and Motortec, they have supported the initiative, pointing out that “by supporting this project, we will appeal to our visitors in the near future. And we want to tell you that this is a fantastic profession with great prospects.”

Source: La Verdad


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