Dacia Jogger, modular, habitable and efficient


The well-known and versatile Dacia Jogger combines the size of a family, the habitability of a ‘combi’ and the characteristics of an SUV. The Jogger also offers stability and road holding, thanks to its generous 2.90m wheelbase and wide front and rear tracks that allow it to literally sit on the road. The electric power steering with variable assistance makes driving easy on all road surfaces and at any speed. Equipped with large diameter wheels, its long wheelbase of 2.90 m, its height under the roof and its vertical rear section (vertical taillights, very wide tailgate, low sill) allow more interior space, including the volume of the trunk (708 litres, in the 5-seater version and 828 liters, in the 7-seat version). With a body length of 4.55 meters, the Jogger is the longest vehicle in the Dacia range.

From the second trim level, the Dacia Jogger is equipped with roof racks that can be easily adapted to any displacement. In the longitudinal position they contribute to the design without compromising the aerodynamics of the vehicle, and in the transverse position they can be used as roof racks and can carry up to 80 kilos (bikes, skis, roof box, etc.). The Jogger also has the best habitability on the market. The height of the seat cushion provides more comfort in the rear seat. Rows 2 and 3 offer as good comfort as the front and room for feet and knees. The Jogger offers the best third-row accessibility thanks to a second-row tilt mechanism.

The Jogger has a 110 hp TCe petrol engine with a six-speed manual transmission. The average consumption of this propellant is very low, it starts at 5.7 liters because it has a gasoline and LPG bicarbonation system. On LPG, the Jogger emits an average of 10% less CO2 emissions (compared to a comparable petrol engine). In addition, it offers more than 1,000 km of autonomy thanks to its two tanks: 40 liters for LPG and 50 liters for petrol. This technology is endorsed by obtaining the ECO label, awarded by the General Directorate of Traffic, which gives access to benefits such as reduced public parking rates, tax exemptions and the possibility of access to city centers.

The Dacia Jogger includes three multimedia offers, depending on the version: Media Control operated with or without a smartphone, Media Display with an 8-inch touchscreen or Media Nav with navigation and “smartphone” replication with Wi-Fi. The Media Control device at the beginning of the range is already a very complete multimedia system. This equipment includes two speakers, a smartphone docking station integrated directly into the dashboard design, Bluetooth and USB connections, steering wheel controls and the display of radio information on the 3-inch TFT digital display. on-board computer.

Other equipment completes the standard offer: cruise control and speed limiters on the steering wheel and automatic lighting of the lights. Optional extras are also offered, such as heated front seats, automatic climate control with digital display, hands-free card with remote opening of the trunk, automatic windscreen wipers, electric parking brake, reversing camera, blind spot and parking aid at the front and rear.

Among the safety measures and driving assistance of the new Dacia Jogger is the assisted emergency braking, active between 7 and 170 km/h. The system detects the distance to the vehicle in front via the front radar (detection from 7 to 80 km/h for a stationary vehicle). If a risk of a collision is detected, the system warns the driver visually and acoustically before boosting the performance of the braking system if the driver brakes but the risk is still present; at the same time, it brakes automatically or with greater intensity if the driver does not brake or does not brake sufficiently.

The blind spot detector is active between 30 km/h and 140 km/h and warns the driver of a possible side or rear collision with another vehicle. Four ultrasonic sensors (two at the rear and two at the front of the vehicle) detect moving vehicles, including two-wheelers, in the blind spot. If a vehicle is in the blind spot, an LED lights up in the door mirror on the relevant side. In addition, the Jogger is equipped as standard with a speed limiter and the latest generation ESC stability control and optional cruise control with steering wheel controls, depending on the finishes.

Source: La Verdad


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