Why car air conditioning smells bad: reasons and how to fix it


It’s summer. Much of the time is spent on the beach or in the pool, seeking refreshing water after a hard hot day. But it’s time to grab the towel and get in the car to go home. Suddenly that cool feeling is gone within seconds because the car has been in the sun for a long time. Once it starts, the driver’s immediate action is to turn the air conditioning to maximum to get comfortable again. But everything breaks down when an unpleasant odor runs through the vehicle and it almost pays more to open the windows than to maintain the cooling system.

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This problem is usually a fairly common problem and is especially accentuated on these dates. It originates in the vehicle, especially in the
ventilation ductsand it’s a sign it’s time to clean them. Because when the car is a few years old, it is normal for mould, the result of moisture, to engulf these channels and with it hundreds of microbes that are responsible for the bad stench.

Another cause is poor maintenance of the ventilation filter, which the vast majority of cars have to clean the outside air. If this item is not cleaned often, it can also build up bacteria that also give off a stench.

If you are not a ‘handyman’ and you want to get rid of these odors as quickly as possible and without complications, it is best to go to a workshop and they will fix it in minutes as no tools or expensive spare parts are required. .

But if, on the other hand, you want to save yourself that appointment with the mechanic and put an end to this disappointment yourself, you should know that it is very easy.

Just go to a specialized vehicle service center. There you will find a wide variety of sprays specially designed for this purpose. In addition, their price is between 10 and 15 euros, so they are quite affordable and can be used on multiple occasions.

After purchasing the spray, you should first clean the air vents with brushes or cotton swabs to remove any accumulated dust. Once cleaned, the heater must be activated for approximately five minutes to
traces of moisture.

Finally, apply the spray (which has a long nozzle) into the air ducts, then turn the air conditioning on full power and wait another five minutes outside the vehicle. Remember to always perform these steps with the windows down.

Source: La Verdad


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