Kindergarten mistake – “Sorry”: Minister contradicted his own ordinance


Kindergarten mistake – “Sorry”: Minister contradicted his own ordinance

Chaos over Covid patients in kindergarten: Infected boys and girls with masks in childcare? With his statement in the “ZiB 2” Johannes Rauch (Greens) caused a stir – his own ordinance says something completely different. The health minister has since apologized for the mistake. But there is still excitement about another point.

“If your child has no symptoms, you can take him to the daycare with a mask, you can drop him off there and pick him up again” – with these words, Health Minister Rauch caused outrage in his ORF interview. “I’m just stunned. I have no idea what the minister has in mind of the real world. Does he really believe that parents only send healthy children to kindergarten if they have no choice but to go to work and be scared? are for their job?” Vienna City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker was flushed in the face in the “Krone” interview.

Entry ban for infected children under the age of 11
Amazing: Johannes Rauch apparently doesn’t know his own recipe! The “Krone” fact-check after the “ZiB” performance already showed that his light-hearted statement on TV could not be true. Children under the age of 11 who have tested positive are not allowed to enter both kindergartens and primary schools. The explanation for this (see also excerpt below): Smaller children cannot be expected or trusted to wear their mask correctly for many hours.

For the time being, however, the minister’s cabinet would not admit their boss’s mistake: “The statement has been misunderstood,” it reads. Rauch apologized on Wednesday afternoon.

Educators have to go to educational institutions with Corona
Another point, however, continues to be criticized. The entry ban does not apply to kindergarten staff and teachers. They must also come to work from 1 August infected with an FFP-2 mask, unless they have been given sick leave from a doctor.

Operators across the board skeptical
Operators are skeptical: “I assume that every employee who is infected calls in sick. How should the company work if a teacher always has to leave the group when he takes off his mask, for example to drink?” asks Kurt Burger, interim head of MA 10, kindergartens in Vienna.

“Expect group closures in the fall”
“We are very critical of the proposed arrangement. Even if there were a ban on entering kindergartens and out-of-school shelters for infected people, who would control that? The personnel situation is already very tense and we assume that groups will be closed in the autumn due to the increasing number of infections and diseases. The victims are first and foremost the children, which means that they lack valuable education time,” said Elmar Walter, general director of the St. Nikolaus Foundation, outraged by the approach to the corona pandemic.

“Regulation not well thought out”
“As always, the regulations for new Covid regulations for kindergarten are not really thought through and a lot of this new regulation has not been thought through. Because kindergarten staff cannot wear masks continuously, nor can they keep their distance from children,” he said. the children’s friends.

Points that also irritated Alderman Peter Hacker. Fortunately, the dispute between the federal government and Vienna continues.

Source: Krone


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