France considers limiting electric car charging


The energy crisis caused by the war in
Ukraine can have a negative impact on the development and popularization of the electric car. A maiden voyage has sprung up in France, where Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne presented an energy-saving plan in which the French government is asking its citizens under the title ‘Perspectives for the electrical system for Autumn/Winter 2022-2023’
that they are responsible and working together to save energy in what they’ve called “eco gestures.”

Among other things, it is proposed to connect electric cars to points of domestic use only during reduced hours, avoiding peak hours between 8 am and 1 pm and the part between 6 and 8 pm.

The document explains that
100,000 vehicles of the more than 700,000 that make up the French fleet (as of 2021) were only connected during peak or off-peak hours, taking advantage of the drop in the electricity price, this would reduce energy demand by almost 0.1 GW at times of peaks of the day where more energy is consumed.

These recommendations practically coincide with the publication of the
“Global Charging Infrastructure Market Report”, an annual report prepared by Arcadis, in collaboration with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The report, which covers 21 regions around the world, analyzes five parameters to determine the region’s readiness for investing in infrastructure for the transition to electric vehicles.

in the general list
The Netherlands is consistently in first place, along with the United Kingdom and California. By sharing well-defined strategies for deploying electric vehicle infrastructure, as well as strong tax incentives and a growing number of public charging stations, these leaders are setting the stage for the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

As the global electric vehicle market evolves, countries need to invest more in charging infrastructure to move towards zero-emission vehicles. The report identified 23 metrics across five parameters as the most influential in measuring investment readiness. They have been used to determine which regions are doing well and where they can improve.

Hong Kong leads the way in buying aid, offering tax breaks, a ban on combustion engine vehicles and fines if you drive on
low emission zones without meeting the required standards. It also has a clear zero-emission statement and a government budget for charging infrastructure incentives of over 0.08% of GDP.

In the process of electrification, Europe is leading the way, especially Norway and the Netherlands. Instead of,
many South American countries areas for improvement, such as Argentina, Chile and Mexico, which currently have less than 2% market share for electric vehicles.

The availability and accessibility of charging points is an important factor in the transition to electric driving. This means access to reliable charging on the way out (street, garage or driveway), on the road and at the destination.

The Netherlands leads the way in the number of charging points, but New York and California are also doing well. While the number of charging stations is relatively low, both US states will benefit from:
a clear national strategyand have reliable electrical networks. However, New York would benefit from an increase in the number of public charging stations, which are currently projected to exceed 16 vehicles per charge point, compared to the ratio of 6 to 10 cars per point in California.

The Global Charging Infrastructure Market Report is an extension of Arcadis’ 2021 Global EV Catalyst Index. The updated report includes additional regions, such as Norway, Turkey, Hong Kong, and South America, and more comprehensive statistics, including the ‘ease of doing business’ and ‘profit potential’.

The evaluated regions are: Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, France, Ireland, Italy,
SpainTurkey, Canada, California, New York, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina.

Source: La Verdad


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